Saturday, August 28, 2010

{SURPRISE} giveaway winners...

I just want to say that I truly appreciate all of the comments that were left on the 100 giveaway post! I am so touched by those of you that have shared your children's reactions to the products that I make along with those that enjoy reading this blog. I am really more of a "buy the world a coke" sort of gal & would feel better if I offered at least a  token of thanks to all that participated. So, for everyone that left a comment on the giveaway post - using {BLOGSHIP} in the comment section at checkout, gives you free shipping (refund via Pay Pal) on any KLT order until the end of 2010. Ok, so now the drum roll please..... the winners, via the handy "random number generator" at, are...
$50 - Chelsei
$25 - Chantale
$15 - Nancy
$10 - Shannon
(If you don't receive an email from me by Sunday afternoon, then that means I don't know how to reach you -so  email me -
Thanks again for participating and the lovely words! Hope you are having a great weekend... 

Friday, August 27, 2010

{Fabric Friday} circa 50 & beyond...

It is really no secret that I love all things modern so I was eagerly anticipating the Monaluna Circa 50 line that debuted in March for birch organic fabrics. -Organic & modern design... now that is really something to get excited about. When I saw the cars fabric I knew I wanted it for the quilt that my mom and I are working on for Sayer's big boy bed. But I also plan on using  some of the great pebble and sunbursts for klt:plush as well. I'm still thinking of the perfect project for the houses & chairs fabrics ... 

{collection image via birch fabrics}

I have been fond of Monaluna fabric designs for awhile now. Monaluna is a textile design company in the California Bay Area that was started by designer, Jennifer Moore. Monaluna began a partnership with Robert Kaufman Fabrics before their partnership with Birch Organic Fabrics. They all have a clean and modern feel to them which is what I like. I seem to gravitate towards the Robert Kaufman, Mingle collection the most (which all 4 of the fabrics below are  from).

I look forward to seeing what Monaluna comes up with for future collections. I am certain that you will be seeing more pop up in the klt:fabric stash. Happy Fabric Friday!  

Fabric Shop Update: You may remember the Fabric Friday post where I wrote about my favorite Seattle fabric shop called, Fabric Crush. Well, for those of you that don't live in the area, there is a new Fabric Crush website that has a "shop" feature! Just wanted you fellow fabric lovers to know about it....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} colors of the fair...

A few weeks ago, I posted my favorite b&w picture that Chris took of Sayer and I at the local fair. I love how timeless the b&w made our outing look- and how dramatic the shadows became. But being that I am a big fan of color, I wanted to document how the night looked through my klt:color googles. I went through the photos that we took that evening and found little snippets of color, texture, and shape inspiration.

The fair also has tons of cool signage & typography to look at which I am continuously drawn to. I think it is pretty fascinating (and somewhat scary too) how these rides and little buildings travel and can pop up in almost any setting to create some instant magic. Too bad I couldn't capture the smells in this post.

Sayer's favorite ride was the Jalopy cars which seemed to go around & around & around, endlessly. We each had our turn with him on that ride, but when he rode with Chris, he got to drive the very first car. I thought this picture that I took of them (after the 20th time around) was really funny. 

Sayer and I enjoyed the carousel together- that was "our" ride. This one went a little faster then the one we rode in Seattle earlier in the month. He wanted to be independent but didn't really want me to move too far away because it was a tiny bit "scary". One of the things that I like about this picture is the quiet and thoughtful quality to it. I like the fact that the trees were in the background rather then a parking lot. There is a continuous thread of green in these last two photos that I love as well. Sayer and I tend to gravitate towards green. He picked out that horse - and it was the one I had my eye on too. So there you have it- some summer fair inspiration in a nutshell. Now I am going to tuck those snippets in my sketchbook for a rainy day...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{mail} cool delivery...

Every now and then, I get an email from a publication requesting a klt:image. Those are always great inbox discoveries. However, I have learned over the years to not get my hopes up too high-as they don't always pan out. But there are always those lovely few that do pan out and actually follow up by sending the publication to my doorstep. Yesterday, I received a magazine in the mail that was one of those "make my day" surprises. It was, burda style, a German sewing publication, that had requested images of my plush kitties awhile back. There is something sort of cool about seeing your products in a magazine that is written in a language that you don't speak. The translation is always entertaining.

One of the things that I have always found interesting about making "products" is that they tend to go in waves as far as popularity. The kitties in particular (the plush, mobiles, & tees) are forgotten about for awhile and then I will get inquiries and sales all at once. Ironically, I am frantically working on orders for 20 plush kitties and 2 kitty mobiles this week- and shipped off 3 kitty tees yesterday. This feature has funny timing- it is the week of the kitty...MEOWWW!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

{Music Monday} Process & Quirkiness Love....

{Image via here}

In reading about how Matt Costa approached writing his album, Unfamiliar Faces, I was immediately struck as to why I responded so strongly to his videos and artistic aesthetic in general. I love his process and can completely understand it. 

Some of my favorite words from his blog:
The singer/songwriter took his most treasured belongings and put them on a shelf — then stared at them and just let the memories flow. “That way I could see everything that I loved,” he explains (the collection included his favorite books, a giant wooden pipe, and a box of old 45-speed records from the late 1950s). “I let my imagination wander. Regular life isn’t as exciting as an imaginary life.”

"Costa reflects on how he pulled stories out of the possessions he packed into that bedroom in Sacramento that he painted an inspiring green. “Every day I’d look at the same things and find different memories and attach different moments. You can come into a room and every day feel different about it, I feel the same way about songs, each time you listen to them you can find something new,” he muses."

These videos are artistically chuck full of goodness. The colors, details, textures, and pure quirkiness are just awesome! I definitely find Matt Costa a true inspiration both musically & visually. Happy Music Monday! Hope you enjoyed this start to your week. 


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