Saturday, January 8, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Inventive fun!

I'm such a sucker for creative & inventive videos. I just saw this wonderful little short on the quirky collective facebook page & had to post it. So much to be inspired by- textures, shape, imagery... the list goes on. What a perfect video for a Saturday full of party preparations! 

We are getting ready for Sayer's 3rd birthday party today and there's lots to do to get ready. His birthday is on Tuesday, but his Aunt & Uncle are coming this weekend for a mini slumber party with him and he is REALLY excited. We are on our way to pick up balloons & party hats! What are you up to? Hope your weekend is just what you need it to be...
{above picture made from video screenshot}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Fabric Friday} new discovery...moomin

Last week I read a blog post that started me on a research tangent that was quite fun. Thanks to my blog friend Carmel, I now know who Tove Jansson is. I really enjoyed reading about her and hope to a research a little more. Here is a quick description from the Moomin website for those that don't know who she is.

Tove Marika Jansson 1914-2001
A Swedish-speaking Finn who enjoyed a diverse career as an author, painter, graphic artist, caricaturist and comic strip artist. She was the creator of the much-loved Moomin books.

{first two photos via here}

I admit that I was unaware of what Moomin was, but now I do & am a little smitten with the comic strip, the woman who drew it, & the fabric that came from it...

I know I would've eventually learned about Moomin through my never ending quest for  Marimekko fabric & love of Finnish design. I've seen some of these images and been intrigued before. So, I'm glad my introduction was from Carmel's blog. (She was also the woman who tipped me off on the vintage Marimekko Bo Boo comforter I bought for Sayer recently). I was excited when I found a Moomin textile shop (that specializes in vintage Moomin) on Etsy called Tillukka.  All of these fabrics & photos are from this shop as well. What do you think? Are you a Moomin fan?  Happy first Fabric Friday of 2011!   

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Papercraft Part II- video ...

Remember that cool book I posted about yesterday called Papercraft? Well, I looked through it some more last night and loved every minute of it. The little jewel at the end of the book is a DVD of some video spots made by a few of the artists or design groups included in the book. I was able to find them on youtube so I can share them with you. 

Do you have a favorite? While I certainly enjoy all of them, I have the Audi commercial sort of stuck in my head. Cardboard & Woody Guthrie is a pretty winning combination (not a shabby car either).  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} Papercraft ...

Being that Chris loves to work with paper, books, & cardboard lately, I gave him a book called, "Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper" for Christmas this year. It truly was a gift for him- I saw the look on his face when he saw this book in person & knew I had to get it for him. With that being said- I LOVE this book! I've been patient and made a point to not jump on it the minute he opened it up. However, I couldn't  wait anymore. I cracked the book open last night and barely scratched the surface. HOLY MOLY this book is just oooooozing with inspiration & amazing work! It really does have a wonderful variety of papercraft art represented as well. I thought I would give you a peak of some of the artists featured. Seriously, there is sooooo much more & I could go on for hours. But here is a start....

I'm sure I'll be posting about new discoveries as I plow through this book. It's about 250 pages with a dvd included! Oh joy... this will be a nice little break I think. I have to say, the piece called "Invisible Cities" by Helen Friel, was something that made me think a lot about this blog. 

"She created the work based on a place described by Italo Calvino in his book 'Invisible Cities'.  Each time a new relationship is made, the inhabitants run colored string between buildings."-  Papercraft.

I love that concept and think it would be fun to imagine or realize color strings representing all of the relationships this blog has brought me. Just a thought for now. But it would be interesting to start a project like that  being that it's the beginning of 2011. So if you are reading this blog. Let your voice be heard- you may just become a piece of colored string... 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

{Music Monday} 2011

Music makes our family go 'round. That's how we all ushered in 2011 while bidding farewell to 2010. On this Music Monday I'm keeping it short & sweet. I'm still in a little holiday recovery mode & our whole family is slowly catching up on sleep around here. So I thought I would share a little Science of Sleep... 

I remember going completely bonkers over this movie the first time I saw it. Visually, it completely made me happy. I haven't seen it in a long time & think we should revisit it soon. I think we would see it in a whole new light. I've always liked this Lou Reed song as well.

In the meantime, I'm going to unplug & continue to recharge my batteries....Happy Music Monday in 2011!   {image via Chris Theiss}


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