Friday, June 24, 2011

{Giveaway} KLT from Sayer's Closet...

As you might guess, Sayer's closet is always full of klt:works tees.  When he out grows a klt:tee, it's replaced with another one in a new size. It's a sweet deal actually. He might think that the owl tee will follow him forever - he's worn that image in some form since he was born (it's still his favorite). Sayer is going through another growth spurt & I just recently cleaned out his closet & replaced tees with the next size up - & yesterday, I was going through my "oops" tees (tees with ink or small flaws in fabric) to send to courtneycourtney & gave a few away on the KLT:FB page. Because of the response & for the sake of recycling, I had an idea.  I always give Sayer's klt:stuff away when he outgrows it anyway- so I thought I would do a tee bundle giveaway here on the blog. 

{Bundle One} For the Owl lover ~ All three are 2T but all different in the way that they fit. L/S is American Apparel & fits smallish, Orange is Alternative Apparel - organic & fits generously, Charcoal is Alternative Apparel Eco & is a little smaller than the organic style. Sayer can actually get into the Alternative Apparel 2T but it's snug.

{Bundle Two} Love for Kitty ~ All 3 are 2T & American Apparel. But different styles- middle organic is largest.

{Bundle Three} Love for Dogs ~  Both 2T but are Alternative Apparel - & run true to size. Sayer can still wear these but they are snug (he's wearing the bulldog one in the picture). 

These are all very loved & lived in tees but they have lots of wear & play left in them. If you are interested in having one of these bundles here are the rules.

1. Leave a comment here (or on the KLT:FB page is fine too) & let me know which bundle interests you the most - feel free to write a back up one too. Also, write an activity that you or your family does to stay "green" or help the environment. 

2. You get an extra entry for the bundle of your choice by either following this blog, tweeting about this giveaway or  "liking" KLT on FB.

I will randomly choose a winner for each bundle & post the winners on Tuesday of next week. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Real Life} glasses for kiddo...

When I was 4, I got my first pair of glasses (it was actually the day my brother was born). Back in 1975, there wasn't much of a choice in what glasses I could choose from & I knew only a handful of kids that had them. But, I wanted glasses. I thought they would make me look older & smarter - I was excited to get them. However, there were drawbacks to wearing glasses....enough that I was fearful for Sayer to have to get them. When I started noticing Sayer's eyes turning in quite often, I started to sort of mildly panic. A few months ago, at his yearly exam, he was referred to a "strabismus" eye specialist but due to this doctor's reputation & local availability, we had to wait 2 months for an appointment. During this time, I started to collect books about eyes/glasses along with collecting & noting characters in Sayer's books, favorite shows & movies, that had glasses. I wanted to be prepared in case Sayer needed to get them. Because Sayer is 3, we haven't introduced him to Harry Potter yet, but he does know who he is.
{In order - left to right}

The experience at the eye doctor last week was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Sayer & I were there for about 3 hours & in that time, he had to have his eyes dilated. Not an ideal situation or activity for a toddler. Nonetheless, we powered through it to find that he did need to get glasses to help correct his condition. The tricky thing, is that they are to help with his eyes crossing more than his actual vision. He may not notice a change when he wears them - he just won't have to work as hard to see, as I understand it. So, the next hurdle was getting Sayer to want glasses or even try them on. He has been pretty adamant (as a 3yr old can be) about not wanting to try them on. But, I started slowly working on him- sneaking in glasses books at story time & pointing out glasses in his shows that he likes. I've been reading "Spectacles" every day since his appointment & now he at least points out his favorite glasses in the line-up (bottom row- middle). But this kid of mine is smart & is able to read right through me most of the time. I showed him a picture of Violet Affleck (Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's daughter) who has been pictured a lot in new glasses (& is a few years older than Sayer). I asked Sayer if he thought she looked nice & like she would be a good friend. He said yes. I asked him why he thought that & he told me it was definitely not because she wore glasses. I guess I needed to be more subtle...

Sayer adores Jack Black (because of School of Rock) & Yo Gabba Gabba. We recently watched his favorite episode of Gabba where Jack Black dresses as DJ Lance. Sayer noticed their glasses right away & said that he didn't want black ones. Progress... 

To keep that progress rolling, I later that day, made him a new "Gunk" slug lovey. I had him pick out the fabrics & told him that it was time for another one, now that he was 3 (he got one when he was 6months & when he was 2). When I was finished, I presented him with his new buddy. I wasn't sure the reaction I would get from him but was pleasantly surprised. This is "Eye Gunk" (which actually sounds like a whole different eye condition)- he is now part of the slug gang that goes everywhere with Sayer. 

We all went on a major glasses hunt yesterday & it was exhausting. Getting this little dude to sit still & try glasses on took every creative & patient bone in my body. The glasses that he wanted to try were usually hot pink, large, cat eye, sunglasses. He also liked to try 2 on at a time because his grandma wears her sunglasses on top of her regular glasses.   However, we had some luck in Seattle at the place I get my glasses. They were great & we have a pair of glasses on order. They aren't the ones in the picture above - but they are made by the same company called Swiss Flex Eyewear (which I was really impressed with). His are rectangular & blue with green sides- which met all of his criteria. We'll have to go back next week to pick them up & then that's when the real fun begins. I told Sayer last night that he looks very smart & handsome in his glasses, he agreed with a nod- & I mentioned that he will be all ready for pre-school in the fall. His response was that he still didn't need them, but he would take them to school in lunch box- but not the one he will take his lunch in- a different one. 

So, that's what we have been up to -what about you?

Monday, June 20, 2011

{Music Monday} Bon Iver...

As you might have noticed, I'm a big fan of NPR- All Songs Considered & NPR Music- First Listen . It's so nice to be able to hear an entire album before it's released. Tomorrow, the new Bon Iver album is coming out & I was really excited to hear it. I listened to it non-stop, all weekend via here- I just love it! It's such a great follow up to, For Emma, Forever Ago (which is another studio favorite). Happy Music Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? What did you listen to?

{via here}

Sunday, June 19, 2011

{Happy Father's Day}

One of the things that I was certain about when I was pregnant with Sayer, was that my dad was going to be an awesome grandpa. I was really excited to watch their relationship grow. I think it's safe to say that Sayer will know my dad better than almost anyone as he will be able to benefit from my dad's retirement (& most likely help in the transition). My dad is a really hard worker. Having been a business owner for 40 some years, that's just a given. I attribute my work ethic & entrepreneurial spirit to him with out a doubt. Coupled with working hard, he is extremely generous. Those he cares about know this. I have always felt like he had my back... ALWAYS. I'm lucky, I know. But so is everyone that knows him. 

Sayer is also very lucky in the Father department. You can always see it in Chris' eyes when he looks at Sayer, how much that kiddo means to him. To see what their latest project together is, check out Friday's post.  

So today I want to wish all of the amazing dads out there a Happy Father's Day!  Hope you have a wonderful day! 


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