Friday, November 25, 2011

{Fun Finds} It's looking a lot like... December.

So, today was that super hyped shopping day - Black Friday. While I know it's good for the economy, it's just not my thing to brave the crowds or big box stores for that matter. Instead of dealing with the long lines & craziness, I locked myself in the studio & worked on orders. It was nice actually- I was sort of oblivious to the hubbub going on outside. I did need to get my fix of looking at cool things though, so tonight I decided to make another treasury to celebrate small businesses. It's funny how these collections sort of put themselves together. I was particularly struck with texture, pattern, & color in this one- it's my December dream list of characters & props. Oh, & the number "36" isn't particularly significant. Sayer is just really into numbers lately & is counting all of the time & posting numbers all around the house. So that painting was for him. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! 

View treasury live here 
Photo via husavik

Thursday, November 24, 2011

{SALE} Happy Thanksgiving Part II...

While it doesn't take Thanksgiving Day for me to ponder how grateful I am, it is another opportunity to express it. I'm always very overwhelmed with emotion when I think about how lucky I am to be doing what I love to do... every day. I'm lucky to have a small support group of people that deserve a lot of thanks, but I also owe some big thanks to you. It's because of your interest in what I make that allows me the opportunity to live the creative life that is so important to me. So to you I say, THANK YOU! From today (24th) to the end of Cyber Monday (28th) use the discount code "KLTTHX" at checkout (at the KLT Etsy Shop) to received 30% off your entire order. Hope you all have a wonderful day - both US residents & my international friends! Ok, now I'm off to the kitchen... 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Over the river & through the flats, to grandmother's (& grandfather's) house we go- La Conner to be exact. 

Turkeys used to roam the streets of La Conner freely- which was so cool to see. However, they were asked to move & are hanging out somewhere else today. So, I guess we won't see them this year. 

We are all going to take it easy today. Maybe we'll watch a movie, listen to music ... or a enjoy a game of Twister (Sayer's new favorite game) before our food coma hits. 

Then it's back over the river for us. It will be a simple & easy day. But there will be thankful reflection for sure. The list is long. Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends (& happy day to my International buddies) ! What are you up to today?

vintage toys via here

Monday, November 21, 2011

{Music Monday} Color...

It's going to be a busy week with (hopefully) a lot of color. This stop motion, colored pencil video fits my mood today. Happy Music Monday! Now I'm off to the studio... 

via ::  Design Mom

Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Four Fun Finds} Favorite Vintage Inspiration...

Some of you may be aware of my vintage book & toy love. I've been collecting vintage treasures for a little while now under the guise of gifting them to Sayer. However, it has become very apparent that I may need to start sharing my collection a bit. Particularly when I start finding doubles of my favorite things (that applies to mostly books). So, my new outlet for my findings will be the hutch etsy shop & these four finds were just added! I really do enjoy the idea of sharing things that delight me so much, with others & these particular finds are among my very favorites.

2. The Red Balloon - Albert Lamorisse - 1956 (a favorite in our house along with the movie)
3. Dick Bruna Picture Cubes (with 6 illustrations) -1980
4. The Happy Lion - Louise Fatio & Roger Duvoisin -1956

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


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