Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Fun} Beautiful day...

Our schedule is sort of flip flopping again & Wednesday is now our "weekend" day. Today, we took full advantage of having beautiful weather & being able to spend the day hanging out together. Coupled with needing to get Sayer some new glasses at our favorite glasses place, we spent the day in Seattle. 

One of the things that we re-discovered in Seattle with Sayer last year, was a cool park called Gasworks Park. Nearby, there is a sweet little kite shop (conveniently located) - &  they are both in the same neighborhood as the glasses shop. 

So, after picking out some fun new glasses for Sayer (more on that later), we picked out a new solar system kite, a frisbee, & some lunch - then found our way to the park for a picnic.
While the guys ran around flying the kite & throwing the frisbee. I got all shutterbugish (alternating between my iphone & camera as you see).

It was good fun. I think getting away for the day was just what I needed. I've been struggling with a new thread drawing image & I drew one that I may actually use, once I got home. There just might be something to this life balance thing after all. (In reference to my last post). What did you do today?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeking Balance...

I've got an ongoing goal. It's this crazy concept called balance. Ever since January 1st, I've been trying to figure out how to achieve the new year's resolution that I've given myself every year since Sayer was born. Yes, it is May... Sayer is 4 & I'm not sure if I'm really close to cracking the nut.
Years of my balance being completely out of whack really has me, well honestly, a bit burned out. The questions of how to balance being a mom, wife, friend, while finding time for myself, along with growing a small business has me befuddled. Not to mention there is facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, & blogging to think about. Hmmm, did I forget one?
I realized on Sunday that I really just wanted to unplug completely for a bit - so I did - & I liked it. So Happy Mother's Day,  a little bit late by the way. I hope you all had a great weekend. While I don't think I will ever completely have this balance thing figured out, as I tend to love to bite off lots of projects (I'm what you might call an "idea" person). So far this week, it's not too bad. How do you keep it all together these days? I'm all ears.... 


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