About klt:sketchbook:

As an artist/ designer/maker, I own at least a dozen sketchbooks that I am continuously doodling in. I thought it would be fun to create a virtual extension of that pile of sketchbooks. The klt:sketchbook is full of everything that inspires me- from vintage books & illustrations, mid-century modern design, textiles, design for children, music & everything in between.  Here, I will explore the creative process of not only my work, but other designers and artists that I admire. I love taking photos, so most of the pictures posted are my own unless otherwise noted © 2006-2011. Please do not repost my photos without permission. The klt:sketchbook is a place where ideas, inspiration, and daily glimpses are shared.  
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About klt:works:

In 2005, I walked in to my studio, became immersed in the creative bubble and just started making things. It was during a time of change for me vocationally and I was at a bit of a crossroad. Creating and making always calms my mind and puts a smile on my face. It didn’t take long before I had created a fairly cohesive body of work. Listening to feedback, it became clear to me that my audience was a younger crowd – and by that I mean…. children and babies (and their parents). I have always been in awe of a child’s mind and unedited creativity. It seemed like a natural step to create things with that thought, for the people that would appreciate my creations the most. So, mobiles, plush, and apparel started to flow out of my studio. Additionally, I am a trained artist /painter that holds a MFA in Fine Art from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. My artistic background allows me to approach my creations/products with a painter’s eye- being concerned with color, texture, and form. Being a enthusiast of all things modern, I am also a believer in the concept of form following function.

I had my first child in 2008- a little boy named Sayer. He is now the main inspiration for my designs along with my star model. KLT:works is truly a family run business out of a small town in Washington state (just a little north of Seattle). My husband is very helpful in all aspects of klt:works (even though he also has 2 other jobs). He is my main technical advisor. But really, it's mostly a one person business- I make, design, market, photograph, & pack & ship everything. A day in a life around our house includes laughter, dancing, listening to music, and making. Everything you see with a klt:works tag, is made by hands- with attention to detail and lots of heart. What started out a scary jump into the unknown, is now an incredible adventure full of wonderful surprises and interesting people. KLT:works is truly a labor of love that has allowed everything to fall into place. I am happiest when I am creating, making, learning, and surrounded by people that I enjoy. Having fun, experiencing vibrant colors, soft textures, modern inspiration, and lots of dots is what klt:works is all about.

Kristin Loffer Theiss- owner/designer
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY MFA, Fine Art, 1996
Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA BA, Fine Art, Painting and Drawing, 1993
fine art + artist statement - here

Chris Theiss- klt:works technical + creative support (husband and the "t" in klt:works)
University of California Davis, Davis, CA. MFA, Studio Art, 1992
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I. BFA, Ceramics, 1990.
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. Foundation Program, 1985-1986.
fine art + artist statement - here


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