Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Thread Drawing Demo" at hutch studio

I think that it is fitting to post this thread drawing video as my very first post- for a few reasons really. First of all, it sort of goes with the whole, "documenting the creative process" idea that made me want to start this blog. But on a practical note, it will make me figure out how to post a video and maybe make all other posts a piece of cake. (Boy, that was a pretty telling statement.)

About this video: My husband, Chris, is the director of a place called, "hutch studio". This studio celebrates everything handmade and is a creatively nurturing environment. Chris asked me if I would bring my sewing machine to hutch studio during it's opening weekend to do a demo of my thread drawing process. Of course I wanted to do that for him, however, I had never done one before. Like drawing with any other medium, drawing in thread is one of those things that you sort of need to be in the mood for- not really an "on command" or immediate process. Not everything I draw is considered something frame worthy or an image that I would use on a shirt. Believe it or not, my thread drawings sometimes end in up in the garbage can. So, I went into this demo with hopes that I would do something that people would find somewhat interesting or entertaining. My friend Phoebe agreed to make a little video of the process (which sort of put a little extra pressure on my already shaky hands). However, it all worked into a sweet little demo that shows how I go about a drawing in thread. Adding a Django Reinhardt soundtrack and speeding up time is always helpful...
Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Yay! A new blog to add to my daily surf routine. I always flipped over to your webpage looking for something like this. I'm stalking you, ha ha!
    Congrats on your new digs.

  2. Ah you did it! It's looking good! And this video is always awsome to watch.

  3. Wow, thanks you guys! Cool that you stopped by. ;) I think I am sort of getting the hang of this...

  4. Oh my gosh that is so cool! Love it! I stopped by Hutch today didn't realize it wasn't open on Tuesday and Thursday... I guess everyone deserves a day off sometime!!
    Hope to catch you open next time.

  5. amazing! i love this little vid and now really want to try this too!



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