Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} Story time ...

I am like a sponge when it comes to soaking up the thousands of details that a day throws my way. Hanging out with a toddler can pretty much guarantee that some pretty noteworthy things will been seen, pointed out, and documented in my mental sketchbook. One of my favorite times for seeking inspiration, is story time with Sayer. Whether it is concocting our own stories or reading one of his many books, some tidbit of information is always stashed away for future creations. I have always loved children's books and have collected them for years. They are displayed all around the house because I like to have them accessible and in my sight. The book ledge in my studio, dedicated to my current finds, and the book wall in Sayer's room are some of my favorite spots to gaze. 

My fellow, book lover friend, Catherine (monsieur minouchet), gave me, Spot It! Find the Hidden Creatures, by Delphine Chedru last Christmas. This is a truly gorgeous book! It has become a favorite of Sayer's as well. His favorite part of the book is, "The fox in the night...". He really seems to respond to the palette (he is also really aware of color these days). I even got him the pajamas that he is wearing in the picture above, because of the book- they are his "night fox" pajamas. We spend so much time studying each page in this book, that some of the color combinations inevitably found their way into my studio. I wanted to share with you how this book has influenced my color choices when making some recent klt:plush.

{pictured: Bluebird with Helen Rawlinson screen printed fabric, Night time Dewey Bird, Marimekko Slugs}

{pictured: ABC Dewey Bird with Helen Rawlinson screen printed fabric}

There is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to be inspired by this book, and many others, when making things for klt:works. Is there a favorite book that you look to for inspiration? 


  1. The book ledge is a brilliant idea! I can imagine your house and studio are full of bright and inspiring spaces. Thanks for such a great idea and a lovely post!

  2. That room looks amazing. The book ledge is a great idea! (As opposed to the stacks on the night stand that we currently employ). So glad to be a Modern Kiddo fan so I that I can keep finding these awesome blogs!

  3. ow,
    your blog is so incredibly wonderful.
    i just adore this post! your little one is so cute!
    There are so many vibrant colours splashed throughout the page!
    love it.

    thankyou for sharing the inspiration!

  4. Found you through Dog Art Today. I am a 47 year old gal that opted out of kids ... this photo totally makes me want one! Love the book ledges and this photo is great. What a lucky baby to grow up with hip parents that have such a refined design aesthetic. Adding you to my blog reader.

  5. I just found your blog through Modern Kiddo, and I'm really enjoying it. I live near the tulips too! (Issaquah) Anyway, this book looks amazing! I've never heard of it. What a clever take on the "I Spy" idea.



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