Friday, May 14, 2010

{Fabric Friday} klt:fabric stash peek...

The mailman made me really happy this week. There were many fun fabric deliveries to the klt:studio. I often buy little bits of fabrics here and there without a clue as to what I am going to do with them. These little nuggets of inspiration hang out in stacks in my studio until the perfect project calls out to them. I sometimes just sit and play with the fabrics and dream up what they are going to become. I would say half of my new fabric this week has a set purpose. I have new linen/cotton fabrics, japanese imports, more of the Hope Valley collection, a little Marimekko, and some new organic fleece. I am literally buried in ideas, orders, and new supplies these days.

Today it is absolutely beautiful here in the Northwest. I thought I would leave my stuffy, attic studio and get a little change of scenery and some fresh air. It was a nice opportunity to see my new stash of inspiration in a little different light. So I hold up a bouquet of organic fleece, slug antennae as a happy weekend toast.  Cheers to changing up the scenery every now and then and taking a break. Happy Fabric Friday! 


  1. I'm going crazy over those fabric choices.. WOW!! That eyeglass print is freakin frackin awesome! haha, I love it. Is that a 'newsprint' pattern on the top of the pile on the chair? Just love your choices! Can't wait to see what you do with these.. btw, are these upholstery weight fabrics?

  2. The green, sky blue, and purple circles are amazing! What a jubilant slug it would make ;)

  3. Beautiful fabrics...they really do inspire creativity! The news print one caught my eye as well!



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