Sunday, May 23, 2010

{Music Monday} Mr. Hi-de-ho for the kiddo...

Oh wow, what can I say about the cool Cab Calloway? He was truly an amazing performer. I have had a nice little collection of Mr. Hi-de-ho man in my music library since my "into to jazz" class back in college (still one of my favorite classes to this day). I was immediately smitten with the guy. There was even a little hi-de-ho at our wedding. Not too long ago, I discovered that Cab used to make frequent visits to Sesame Street. I found a few videos that I immediately shared with Sayer.

Not surprisingly, Sayer loved the videos! He now likes to listen to my Cab Calloway music while he plays. It is so cool to hear him sing hi-de-ho around the house. As I have mentioned before, Sayer loves to dance and he often hands me my old tap shoes and says, "mommy, dance"!  Well, Cab Calloway definitely helps us cut a rug when the spirit moves us. Happy Music Monday!


  1. I love that Sayer loves this music, because you played it for him! And now he sings it! How cute! I need to do this with Kenzie!!


  2. Oh yeah, totally love Cab Calloway! Was watching a jazz special not too long ago.. Oh Sayer, he's soo cute! Yes, please Kristin, tap dance! : )



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