Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Studio Glimpse} A random thought...

Every now and then I get an itch to give myself a quick, creative challenge. Being that this is my virtual sketchbook, I thought I would share my latest artistic hurdle. I have tried twice now to draw my studio interior in thread- (by free-motion sewing) which has proven to be quite a challenge indeed. I just needed a break from my klt:projects for a minute and it seemed like an interesting thing to do. What I can't really determine is, whether or not my last few tries have served my purpose, or do I keep trying until I get something I like? I guess for now, I will give myself a little drawing times in between filling orders. Somewhere between the batch of slugs, parliament of owls, & mobile plushies, I may just have a creative breakthrough. Or... I may come up with a completely different idea to try. Just wanted to spice things up in the studio a bit. What do you do when you need a creative break?

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