Friday, June 25, 2010

{Fabric Friday} A little basil with my fabric...

One thing that is nice about all of the rain lately, is that our raised garden is going gangbusters! There is a sea of gorgeous green that takes over our backyard now and it was my fabric friday inspiration today.  When looking through my fabrics, I could see that living in this valley has quite possibly influenced my color choices over time. I think green is the dominant color.

Today's afternoon break consisted of stocking up on more herbs to add to our our flourishing garden. It was all about basil in my little cardboard box. I collected all sorts of varieties- because in my opinion, you can never have too much basil. I only wish that these pictures were scratch-n-sniff because it smells amazing right now!  So here is my little "basil" klt:fabric stash. You will find some: various moda, Amy Bulter, Heather Baily, Kai, Alexander Henry, Helen Rawlinson, Ink & Spindle, Umbrella, Marimekko, and Valori Wells.

Ok, the smell of basil along with a rumbling tummy may have affected this last picture. I think I am truly inspired now. Ah, the perfect Fabric Friday combination. Happy Fabric Friday! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Ok that's it. I want to go fabric hunting/shopping with you!

  2. Let's do it! As long as we can stop off for lunch afterwards. :)

  3. Count me in, pleeeeeease! Wonderful, wonderful fabrics you have there!

  4. Oh yes, that is a given Daria! Thanks! What a fun day the 3 of us would have... :)

  5. GORGEOUS. I love basil! I just wish I was better at growing it. Try try again. This year is the year! The fabric is lovely too! What a collection! You are making this pregnant woman hungry and I just ate dinner!

  6. Does this mean you are going to be making a little pesto and pasta tonight? Just mention it to Chris and maybe he will cook dinner so you can whip up your own fabric version of pesto.



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