Sunday, July 11, 2010

{Music Monday} Let's Colour...

{images via Let's Colour Project blog}

Can you make the world a better place with color? A few international companies think so and they have started an initiative called "Let's Colour Project". The goal is to "spread colour all over the world" by teaming up with different communities to paint buildings, roads, houses, and various public places. I got goose bumps when I watched the short, uplifting commercial for the initiative. It features towns getting all painted up in lapse time photography, to the song,  "Go Do" from Sigur Ros front man, Jonsi's new solo album. It reminds me a lot of the Sony Bravia bouncy ball video to the Jose Gonzalez song, "heartbeats",  that I love so much.

I thought that sharing this video would be a nice way to start the week. Now where is a can of paint....? Happy Music Monday


  1. That was trippy cool!! If only the entire world would end up so pretty.. Makes me happy I wore some colour to work today too! : )

  2. Your blog ROCKS my world every week!

  3. I'm down with any company who decides to make this world a better and more colourful place. Such a beautiful post!

  4. Very well done!
    I could quote completely your last sentence! :)



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