Friday, August 20, 2010

{Fabric Friday} childhood inspirations...

The last time I went digging through the boxes of childhood photos at my parent's house, I stumbled on a picture that I immediately snatched up and took home with me. It was a picture of my cousin, Nicole, that her father had taken. I love everything about the photo really- the dress, the backdrop, her hair, her face - so adorable! I knew it would serve as inspiration for something so I kept it in my studio. Nicole and I were born in 1971 (12 hours apart actually) so we are children of the '70's. I just sent her this photo and she had wondered if it had influenced her color choices in flowers for her home over the years. While I don't really remember her in this dress, I can definitely say that I have been drawn this bold and happy palette of our childhood for a long time. 

So, here is my klt:fabric stash inspired by my cousin, the '70's, and girls born in February. Don't these colors sing with happiness? In this  stack you will find: Denyse Schmidt, Michael Miller, Jackie Shapiro (Windam), Anna Fishkin (Red Rooster), Robert Kaufman Organics, & some random Japanese imported fabric. Happy Fabric Friday!  Do you have a favorite picture from childhood that inspires you creatively?


  1. i was born in the 70's but in march!

  2. Well this stack is for you too Heather! I should change that to just girls born in the '70's but the palette really reminds me of February. What day in March?

  3. OMG!! This definitely takes me back to my childhood! These reminds me of those bedsheets and fruity flower pyjamas my mom dressed my sister and myself in! I think my mom STILL kept those bedsheets. They are soo in now. lol! Actually, these remind me of everything in our house during the 70's. haha! Man, I gotta dig up that photo of us for you. You'll laugh your head off.



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