Sunday, August 22, 2010

{Music Monday} Process & Quirkiness Love....

{Image via here}

In reading about how Matt Costa approached writing his album, Unfamiliar Faces, I was immediately struck as to why I responded so strongly to his videos and artistic aesthetic in general. I love his process and can completely understand it. 

Some of my favorite words from his blog:
The singer/songwriter took his most treasured belongings and put them on a shelf — then stared at them and just let the memories flow. “That way I could see everything that I loved,” he explains (the collection included his favorite books, a giant wooden pipe, and a box of old 45-speed records from the late 1950s). “I let my imagination wander. Regular life isn’t as exciting as an imaginary life.”

"Costa reflects on how he pulled stories out of the possessions he packed into that bedroom in Sacramento that he painted an inspiring green. “Every day I’d look at the same things and find different memories and attach different moments. You can come into a room and every day feel different about it, I feel the same way about songs, each time you listen to them you can find something new,” he muses."

These videos are artistically chuck full of goodness. The colors, details, textures, and pure quirkiness are just awesome! I definitely find Matt Costa a true inspiration both musically & visually. Happy Music Monday! Hope you enjoyed this start to your week. 


  1. Oh yeah I love these! Listened to this at work and made me light hearted as my day started off cold with a coworker who was frosty towards me because... I went on vacation?? lol. Anyways, frosty reception but this made me smile. I absolutely LOVE Mr Pitiful video! So awesome! Is he in SanFran? SanFran holds a special spot in my heart.. it's where the Mister and I spent our honeymoon. : )

  2. this family loves loves loves matt costa! it is my oldest sons favorite singer!!! i have been lucky to see him live! my husband was working at the venue he was playing and i asked him to sign an autograph for my son! he was super quirky and about 10 feet tall!!!! i am not sure if he is from SF but he lives in huntington beach now



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