Monday, September 13, 2010

{Music Monday} music & movies...

I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson movies. There is something about his aesthetic that I really enjoy- the colors that he works with, the imagery, & the music that he choses.  Sometimes I find that when I hear a certain song that he has used in a movie, my mind goes right to that scene. I've been listening to a little Velvet Underground with Nico lately, and am particularly fond of "These Days". When I hear it, I always think of this next scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. When I see it now, I notice things like the color of the green stripe on the bus against the browns, the vintage suitcases and the amazing palette.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox is also full of amazing imagery. The pairing of the music with both of these movie scenes is inspiring me in the studio right now. I am loving the small details, characters, palette, and general feel of both of them- not to mention that they both feel like Fall to me. Happy Music Monday

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  1. Do I really need to tell you or you already guessed? :)) Both Zozo and me LOVE Wes Anderson's movies! We talked a lot about the photography and colours he use, and the mood and atmosphere he's able to create in each film (all are on the border of some kind of melancholy for times that are irrevocably lost, and leave you with a mixture of gloominess and happiness). We actually watch and re-watch his films monthly. (I think Zozo knows The Tenenbaums by heart, we went to see Darjeeling 4x in a row when it came out).
    I'm constantly amazed by the colours in Life Aquatic, I've seen it 6-7 times, and each time I think it would be a completley different film with a different colour scheme. So nice to know that you enjoy his films too :)
    (and Velvet Underground!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!)



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