Sunday, September 26, 2010

{Music Monday} wash your jeans like real people...

One of my first blog posts ever, was about my appreciation of Imogene & Willie's concept & style. I fell in love immediately with their first branding video that played on their website. John Moessner made that video & did a wonderful job capturing an aesthetic that I really respond strongly to. He has made a new video for Imogene & Willie called, Wash Your Jeans Like Real People, made to the sounds of Patty Griffin singing "Wade in the Water". 

I like the way that these guys roll- true Americana. I know from following them on Twitter, that they have concerts & happy hours at their retro fitted gas station (shop/studio) frequently. Too bad I don't live down the street. Happy Music Monday! I am off to wash some jeans now....  
{photo via here}


  1. This is so amazingly fantastic! You find some awesome music lady! And peeps too.

  2. so great. I love the music, the feel, the whole concept. Thank you so much for this great post. xo



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