Friday, October 8, 2010

{Fabric Friday} p's & q's...

My appreciation for typography and textiles often morph together. Helen Rawlinson is my all time favorite textile designer that combines these two loves of mine. Sayer has a wonderful drum shade in his room with her ABC design and it's one of my favorite fabrics to use in the klt:studio. But it's always fun to discover additional designers who appreciate typography and  I just found the screen printed textiles of  Melbourne's Spin Spin. Wow, they are gorgeous as well. 

The Spin Spin Etsy shop has more than fabric- you can find kid's clothing, pillows, & stationary too. My eyes immediately fell on the stunning tea towels though. I love the retro, clean patterns, and beautiful, rich colors. When it comes to textile shopping you really can't go wrong visiting either shop for handmade lovelies!  Both designers really know their design p's & q's! Happy Fabric Friday


  1. Oh these are just gorgeous! I love the bright colours and graphic designs as well. Hm, I'd love these as curtains in the playroom and my office. Or even just to frame! Hope you and S are feeling better by now. Wish I could send over some chicken soup. : )

  2. I knew you'd like them! :) Thanks Chantale... wish we could eat some soup together. :)



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