Sunday, October 17, 2010

{Music Monday} Moody October...

 {image via here}

There is something about October that just feels a bit more moody & dark to me than other months. Between the preparation for Halloween & the weather shift, it has sort of a Twin Peaks vibe. I feel like the music that I am drawn to is a little different in the Fall as well. 

This Bat for Lashes video completely feels like October to me. I saw it for the first time last year around Halloween and it's back on my radar again. When I was reading about Natasha Kahn, I learned that she is also a visual artist. The artwork above is made by her. She actually started writing her first album for Bat for Lashes when she was a nursery school teacher, which I found really intriguing. Happy Music Monday! What music feels like October to you?    


  1. Love the music K! I used to love Twin Peaks, I had the soundtrack (on cassette, remember those? haha) and used to listen to it. A lot. I had a date with a guy once, and he brought me to see... Eraserhead. Yeah, that was so not romantic.. Plucked chicken anyone? lol. For me, October feels more golden: beautiful orange, gold, red autumn leaves, however, the last few weeks in Mtl has been quite Twin Peaks. Windy, rainy and cold with bits of golden sunshine thrown in. This was my 3 oclock break!

  2. I missed you on your break (was wrangling S in for a nap) - I will aim for my 3 oclock & see what happens. :) I had the TP soundtrack on tape too! Do I remember them?- I have a basket full of tapes deep in the archives of our basement. Funny, I had a date take me to Eraserhead as well. Hung out with a lot of David Lynch fans back in college. October has it's golden moments for me- but lately it has been very moody.... Glad you liked music monday Chantale. :)

  3. Nice song K! There is a melancholy in it I can feel as an Octobery one.
    I was the only one not to watch Twin Peaks. I guess only because everyone else did :)



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