Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Store Feature} Fawn & Forest...

Did I get your attention? - Pretty wonderful stuff, huh? One of my favorite online stores is fawn&forest for a long list of reasons. I have been wanting to write this feature for quite a while now & I'm excited to share the wonderfulness with you today. 

I remember the day I got my first email from Summer about having my work in her store. Her enthusiasm and humor was infectious. I was in the last few months of being pregnant with Sayer and in sort of an overwhelmed space to say the least. I wasn't sure of how much I could commit to as far as klt:production, given I hadn't had a baby before. But what I did know, is that I wanted to work with this cool woman! The store was scheduled to open in about 6 months from when she contacted me so I felt safe to tell her that she could count on me. In that 6 + months, she was the mosts supportive and nurturing email friend (still is). For those of you that are moms, you might remember that those first few months of having a baby are very surreal. Summer had one little boy at the time and offered up advice and support in those times when I wasn't sure up from down. So for that fact alone, fawn&forest has a soft spot in my heart. But when I saw the store launch for the first time- I was hooked! The combination of modern & handmade designs is stunning! I continue to marvel all that f&f has to offer. To this day, f&f has the biggest selection of klt:works products anywhere and I truly adore working with them. Some of Sayer's biggest purchases have come from them as well - thanks to clever little trade & discount deals. It seriously is my "go to" store for special items.
tested & loved f&f items:
Oeuf Classic Crib Conversion Kit-  We just adore this crib as a toddler bed- great conversion!
DwellStudio fitted sheet-  Of course, all things DwellStudio are fun. 
Offi Capsule Chair & Tiki Stool - They don't carry these same items anymore- but all Offi furniture is awesome. (capsule chair in blue in the right corner of the room- green tiki stool near the books on the left)
Little Heros Green Soaring Star Cape-  This is such a sweet cape. I got it for Sayer last year for his 2yr birthday. (in the room photo on the far right - hanging on the rack- next to the offi chair)
Mutsy Highchair- All Mutsy is wonderful. They don't have this particular high chair anymore, but we are still using it! It adjusts to a regular chair. -Smart purchase...
Fatboy Junior Beanbag Chair-  This was handy when Sayer was a baby too- one of those purchases that last for a long time. 

But the love doesn't stop there. Summer & Danny have 3 sweet fawns in their Portland forest that they call home, Eliot, Owen, & Isac (who just arrived this Summer) . They are fellow NW dwellers which only makes me connect with them more. Summer sent me these photos of her little fawns enjoying some klt:goodies and I can't help but smile. The top pictures shows both Eliot & Owen in a vintage klt:owl tee that seems to have gotten lots of love. The bottom photos are of Owen with his tiny owl tank & his slug lovey. If I remember correctly, Eliot came up with a very cool name for the slug that just might work as a book character someday.

I feel so lucky to work with this lovely couple and to watch both f&f and their family grow. Ok, so why post this today of all days? Well, Summer and I are both Project Runway fans- we sort of cyberly watch it together. Tonight is the finale- so I felt like it was just the right time. I can't think of a better way to watch Project Runway- but to shop at fawn&forest while you are watching....

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  1. Okay first, I love F&F too! Beautiful stuff.. Second, and this almost made me fall off my chair but.. these people are so young! lol. Kristin, you really get to meet some really wonderful people. Your 'selections' are fantastic from F&F. I'd like to move into Sayer's room please. Move over bud.. make room. lol.



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