Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{Puppets} part II ~ new home...

Shadows, puppets, & stacked luggage is the scene in one of the rooms at hutch studio today. As promised, here are few pictures of some of my puppets in their new home. It has been particularly dark & windy in the last few days which makes for interesting lighting & shadows.... 

Nice to know that they are keeping Chris company these days. I think they like their new cozy & interesting digs...


  1. Kristin how fun! What great puppets!

  2. Kristin, they look spooky in there. hehe. I love the black and white photo. They look like they come alive.. and gossip the night away. lol.

  3. Thanks... they do look a bit spooky with the shadows & all. But I have to say, I sort of like that . :) I know Chantale.... they probably do chit chat all night long.



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