Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scurrying around today getting ready for tomorrow. If those turkeys had a clue... they would be bustling around as fast as I am. However, last year I saw these guys strolling down the streets of La Conner on Thanksgiving Day without  a care in the world.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. those poor la conner turkeys are going to be caged and shipped somewhere-- they should be bustling out of town before they get relocated!

  2. I know, it sort of breaks my heart. One of them (in the back of the bunch), has a limp. Have you noticed that? I hope they are conspiring a break out plan. I will miss seeing those guys roaming. Happy Thanksgiving Ayla- enjoy Wisconsin!

  3. Is that a photo of La Conner? It's beautiful ... those turkeys!

    If I can be so familiar to say that that son of yours looks likes his father in the latest photos. Lovely!

  4. Aw, this is strange seeing wild turkey roaming around on thanksgiving no less! Wha?? Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  5. @Carmel- Yep, those photos are from La Conner. Those turkeys are pretty crazy. They have the whole town up in arms as to what to do about them. They are currently hiding out (my mom just informed me). But they do just stroll throughout the town. It is a beautiful little area. Yeah, Sayer is really looking a lot like a mini Chris these days. :)
    @Chantale- You really should see it - it's something else. Believe it or not... I'm totally chilling out. Could really go to bed now- thanks!
    You and Carmel need to come visit. :)



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