Thursday, December 23, 2010

KLT Printable Ornaments at Modern Kiddo...

Have you popped on over to Modern Kiddo lately? It's really no wonder why it's one of my favorite blogs. They are always coming up with such fun & crafty projects like the Modern Kiddo Ornament Party that's going on this week! Be sure to check out the klt:works Winter Forest Friends Ornaments when you are visiting. Now Lou Snail, Ollie Owl, & Dewey Long Legs can be a part of your holiday festivities. Just add some glitter or a ribbon & you've got yourself one sparkly holiday critter!  Hope you enjoy these ornaments. We are using them as gift tags at our house. Either way, it's a fun project for you & the kiddos... 

Download the ornament file here 

A few special mentions: 
Due to popular request, Chris has made some very cool cardboard tree kits that are currently available at hutch studio. -A nice way to deal with all of the extra boxes laying around during the holidays, along with being a fun activity.

I also had some help on this project from one of the kindest holiday elves ever. This super star elf helped with the computer logistics- giving you a dotted line to follow & by made everything all slick and pretty. I believe she also injected some extra  warm & fuzzy holiday goodness into the ornaments too. So thank you my dear elf... 

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I'm sure looking forward to slowing down & enjoying Christmas with my family.  Sayer's energy & excitement is infectious. Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Wish you all a wonderful time and a well deserved rest! We'll be thinking of you! :) HUGS!
    (and I'll print-cut-&-hang your awesome ornaments tomorrow - last minute fun thing to do at 'Home of Us')

  2. They look awesome! We didn't get around to cutting these out yet but it looks like a great project for our day tomorrow! I think my fave has got to be..the owl. : ) Love it!
    I see you've got lots of elves who love working with you.. Hope this is the last day of craziness for you over there. Here's to sitting down and enjoying everything the holidays have to offer.



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