Saturday, August 21, 2010

{SURPRISE} 100 posts = $100...

Why is Sayer bursting with happy giggles you ask? Well, he knows what I am about to share with you.  Yesterday was a little momentous here at klt:sketchbook. As I was writing my Fabric Friday post, I glanced over to see that it was post 100! Wow, I think that is cause for a little celebration, don't you? This blog has been a such labor of love for me and I have enjoyed writing and planning every post so far. Your comments have been so wonderful and the friendships that have come through blogging are awesome. So, to say thank you to those that read this blog & those that are FB "likers", I want to offer up a gift card giveaway worth a total of $100 towards klt:goodies (a dollar a post)! Winners will be chosen by using and posted here next Saturday the 28th.
1. $50 klt:gift card
2. $25 klt:gift card
3. $15 klt:gift card
4. $10 klt:gift card
How to enter:
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here (or on the KLT FB page) giving me a little feedback. For 1 entry, let me know your favorite klt:works product & why. For a second entry, tell me your favorite blog post and why. Pretty simple, huh? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Thanks again & good luck!

Friday, August 20, 2010

{Fabric Friday} childhood inspirations...

The last time I went digging through the boxes of childhood photos at my parent's house, I stumbled on a picture that I immediately snatched up and took home with me. It was a picture of my cousin, Nicole, that her father had taken. I love everything about the photo really- the dress, the backdrop, her hair, her face - so adorable! I knew it would serve as inspiration for something so I kept it in my studio. Nicole and I were born in 1971 (12 hours apart actually) so we are children of the '70's. I just sent her this photo and she had wondered if it had influenced her color choices in flowers for her home over the years. While I don't really remember her in this dress, I can definitely say that I have been drawn this bold and happy palette of our childhood for a long time. 

So, here is my klt:fabric stash inspired by my cousin, the '70's, and girls born in February. Don't these colors sing with happiness? In this  stack you will find: Denyse Schmidt, Michael Miller, Jackie Shapiro (Windam), Anna Fishkin (Red Rooster), Robert Kaufman Organics, & some random Japanese imported fabric. Happy Fabric Friday!  Do you have a favorite picture from childhood that inspires you creatively?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{studio visit} a whirlwind of giggles..

Yesterday morning, the klt:studio was bursting at the seams with energy! Melinda, a friend of mine, teaches  a sewing class to a small group of girls and brought them over for a studio visit. I have to say, it was so much fun and I loved their enthusiasm! Much to Melinda's credit, they were well versed in all of the klt:works products. I was pretty impressed when they pointed to various plush and called them by name or recognized the "nest pillow" among the many in the living room. They spotted Sayer's Crawling Critters mobile in his room and went in for a better look. Once they were in his room they all plopped down on the rug and showed me their sewing projects that they had brought with them, beaming with pride. When we were in the studio, they all seemed to be interested in my thread drawing images and were curious to know how I drew them. So, I thought I would set up the sewing machine to let them free-motion sew a little bit. It was really interesting to watch how each little girl approached their drawing.

Anna jumped in first and just went for it! She didn't hesitate at all and the other two girls watched her every move. 

Sydney was a little more cautious and wanted more specific instructions. Meanwhile, Maggie was still watching very intently at the mechanics of the process. 

Once it was Maggie's turn, she picked up one of my kitty images and told me that she wanted to draw that one. I explained that sometimes it is more fun to start drawing on the machine without an idea of what the finished drawing would be and to let it be a surprise. She sat there at the machine with so much confidence and created a nice little sketch. When I showed Chris this picture he told me that Maggie looked like a mini Kristin without glasses. Maybe that's  why she looked so at home sitting there sewing.

I am not around little girls very often and these three just cracked me up! I loved how comfortable they were in the studio. I turned around at one point, and they were lounged in the book nook, giggling and admiring their matching toe nail polish. The comment that sticks in my mind is Maggie's statement assuring us not to worry that she wasn't sitting up straight because she was wearing a skort (shorts/skirt combo for those that don't know that term). Soon these girls were off like a flash and on to their next stop... the Calico Cupboard Bakery for a cookie. That little whirlwind of excitement left me with a really big smile and a tall mocha. Thanks for stopping by girls- let me know when you are looking for jobs!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{collaboration} A fun project...

Isn't it cool how small the world can be sometimes? It continues to amaze me how many wonderful people I meet in cyber space. Last year, I had a shop on  papernstitch around the holidays. When I was poking through the other exhibiting shops, I ran across 2 that I kept going back to, Helen Rawlinson (her fabric is a klt:staple now) and Mee a Bee, founded by Jacqui Miyabayashi. 

I quickly purchased a really cute robot satchel from Jacqui, for Sayer. When I bought the bag, I mentioned that we both had shops together on papernstitch and we exchanged contact info. It wasn't too long before Jacqui bought an owl tee for her son Tyler. What was sort of interesting is that Jacqui and I were both  interviewed by Brittni for home tours on Bloesem Kids and our interviews ended up being posted back to back! I enjoyed learning more about Jacqui and remember that she had left a very sweet comment on my post. From then on, we continuously ran into each other cyberly and quickly developed a wonderfully supportive friendship. I guess I should thank Brittni for introducing us!

I am always open to collaborations and when an opportunity presents itself to work with someone that I enjoy and who makes things that I appreciate, then I jump on it. Both Jacqui and I make things for our shops with our muses (our boys) heavily in our thoughts and a collaboration just seemed like a perfect fit. One of the things unique to Jacqui's bags, is that she uses Japanese fabrics. So we started a series of emails to choose a Japanese linen that works for both of our design aesthetics. The slug was one of Jacqui's favorite plush that I make so that became my part of the collaboration. I think the bag she made with the same fabric is just gorgeous! And now, I think I am hooked on using Japanese linen.

We started this project quite a long time ago but given that we are both trying to figure out the balance between being a mom and time at the sewing machine, it took a little while before we were ready to present our idea to the world. When we chatted about how we wanted to unveil our collaboration, both of us immediately thought a giveaway would be perfect - and Rachelle at Kenziepoo was who we wanted to host it. Rachelle met Jacqui through the home tours on Bloesem Kids as well. I discovered Rachelle's blog through Jacqui, so how cool to have Rachelle a part of our project? Rachelle has been such a huge support to both of us and our businesses in the time that we have known her. She is one of those people that just goes above and beyond when it comes to kindness. Not to mention, her blog is great and her daughter, Kenzie, is an adorable fashionista. I can't wait to see what cool outfit she will be wearing next and what room will be turned into an outfit! Needless to say, I feel pretty darn lucky to be friends with these talented ladies.

So, let me tell you about the giveaway. All you have to do is stop by Kenziepoo and enter here to win a satchel and matching slug! (Please don't enter here.) It's open world wide- Rachelle will announce the winner on Friday the 27th in a post.  Oh, I just love fun things like this. Good luck! One more thing, Jacqui & I both just added this combination to our individual Etsy shops as well here & here. Hope you enjoy our Mee a Bee + klt:works brainstorm!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{mobiles} new collection...

I have been working on a new klt:collection of mobiles for a little while now and I am excited to share the results. Back in May, I wrote a blog post that chronicled the process of making  the first mobile from the new collection. You can view the process here.  Since then I have added two more mobiles to the mix. But, the fun part about this collection is that there is a menu of options - from palette to characters. I have created a "cast of characters" to choose from that are all similar in size and can be combined differently- to tell a unique story. The fabrics used for these mobiles are extra special too. They are all hand printed by Helen Rawlinson and Ink & Spindle

This is the first mobile of the bunch, The Woodland Creatures :: Ink & Spindle fabrics are used, lime wood base, & a nest, squirrel, sandpiper, & owl.

The, All About Birds Mobile, uses Helen Rawlinson fabrics, yellow wood base, & a nest, owl, sandpiper, & raven. 

This last mobile, Chasing Tails, was a collaborative process between me and the people that "like" klt:works on FB (only they didn't know it yet). We have a cat, and I am not really knowledgeable on different breeds of dogs. So, I threw out the question on FB, "What are your favorite breeds of dogs?". Wow, did I get a lot of feedback! I then researched and came up with some dog drawings which were later thrown out to the group for more feedback. This mobile uses Helen Rawlinson fabric as well, a turquoise wood base, & a french bulldog, beagle, german pointer, & a dog named Macy (a customer's dog). 

What I personally like about these mobiles, is the simplicity of the designs. They are colorful on one side, but offer high contrast B&W on the other side for newborns. These mobiles are also sophisticated enough to be used by people of any age. Because, I really don't think mobiles are just for babies. Do you have favorite character combination?  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

{Music Monday} hot summer night ...

It was a hot one today here in the NW! The fans are on high and the windows are open. The only time to work in the studio on these hot summer days, is in the evening. I have been humming Van Morrison tunes in my head all day today- so I am grabbing my Moondance cd and heading to the studio. Happy (early)  Music Monday everyone!


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