Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{Fun} What?

Wasn't I just saying that it felt like spring was around the corner? Now, I know snow isn't  a big deal to most of you out there. But we seldom get snow here in the Northwest. So to look out the window this morning and see snow outside is a bit odd, being that it's just about March. Below is my view from our kitchen window.

Sayer actually went to his grandma & grandpa's house today & I'm sure they are going to have a lot of snowy fun. I was able to snap a few shots before he left to document this crazy snowfall. Meanwhile, Chris is working from home today & I'm going to lock myself in the studio. We are trying out my new mocha pot & drinking our coffee Daria style now (thanks D). We are on our fourth cup and things are really starting to hum. Hope you all are having a great day? What's the view from your window?


  1. Oh so much fun! 4th cup of coffeee.. Are we going to see some super funky plushies coming out of the studio then? :D

  2. :)) Love the pics K! Hope the coffee is extra creamy :) 5 cups = 100 plushies, 6 cups = 150... :))
    It snowed here too (yesterday) - today is much colder, I froze outside, I'm warming up with coffee too now :)

  3. we got a little snow down here in oregon, but it melted quickly.



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