Monday, February 7, 2011

{Music Monday} Don't look back...

This new video from She & Him fits my mood perfectly today. It inspired me to get out our old, "Decorative Art in Modern Interiors" book and flip through it (the picture above is a photo from the book). We just bought an orange modular couch & have been rearranging all of our authentic '60's furniture (inherited when my parents moved from our old house) all weekend. Oddly, I think we are almost recreating the living room from my childhood. So this just seemed like a perfect music selection for today. Happy Music Monday! What music fits your mood this Monday?


  1. music for today.... let me think...
    remember Dirty Dancing "She's like the wind"...
    which reminds me to get the dvd out soon
    happy week!

  2. Oh yes, not only do I remember it, but I could sing it all word for word for you. :) Starting the week with Dirty Dancing sounds like a good idea. Have a good week!

  3. Hey this cheered me up! I must admit, I have a little Zooey D crush. I really hope you can take us all on a home tour. I used to watch the Parent Trap as much for those cute pink phones they shared as the ranch house in Carmel by the Sea Susan lived in with her dad. I loved that house! lol. I actually visited Carmel and tried to find that house. It's gorgeous there. Thx for the picker upper Kristin!



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