Friday, March 11, 2011

{Fabric Friday} 5 Bundles Creative Competition...

I learned a few things from the fabric stash giveaway I did a few weeks back.  First, there are a lot of creative fabric lovers out there in cyberland. Second, I have a hard time only choosing one winner. And last, I have way too much fabric. I've been doing some spring cleaning & re-organizing in my studio so that I can make a cool fort type space for Sayer to hang out in when I'm working.  It does appear that the time it takes for me to bundle & list fabric on Etsy cuts into my studio time more than I want. While I will still put bundles together to sell, I need a faster method making space. So.... I have another idea. 

I'm going to give away 5 little bundles of 9 small pieces of fabric. But here is where it gets fun. Maybe I'm watching too much Top Chef lately, but I want to have a fabric "quick fire challenge".  Each person that receives a bundle from me is required to make something with the fabric (using some of each piece in the bundle). It can be whatever you would like- sky's the limit. You will submit a photo to me & I will post all five finished products for a friendly competition on April 1st - really, I will (even though it's April Fool's Day). The winner will be chosen by comments on the post - & will get another small stash of fabric & $20.00 gift card for my klt:works Etsy shop.

Does that sound like fun? To enter- just leave a comment telling me what your earliest memory of loving fabric is + your favorite color. I will give an extra entry if you follow this blog or the klt:works FB page. Good luck! Happy Fabric Friday


  1. I am up for that challenge! Very cool! I have loved fabric for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is watching my mom cut a pattern out and waiting for the scraps. She asked me if I was curious about what she was making. Of course I was, and she said she was making herself a new blouse to wear because she was having a baby. I still remember that fabric as my baby sister print.

    Favorite color? Lately, it's greens.

  2. I am SO there! My favorite fabric-lovin' memory is when I grew up in Seoul and we visited the East Gate fabric market...I would pick up tiny pieces of fabric, ribbon and buttons and stuff them in my pockets to take home...

    My favorite color is that vintage, Pyrex'y aqua!

    And I follow the klt, FB page ;)

  3. My earliest memory of fabric is helping my Aunt make Barbie clothes. Well, she did all the sewing my cousin and I played with the scraps and the finished clothes! My favorite color is blue!

  4. My mom sewed commercially when I was growing up so she would be in her sewing rooms till the wee hours of the night and not wanting to go to sleep without her I would find the coolest looking pile of fabric and make myself comfy. This is definitly where my love for fabric colors and textures began:) Fun far as colors I am always drawn to greens and oranges. (

  5. My earliest fabric warm-fuzzy is being in my grandmothers bedroom/sewing room with my grandma and mom. Granny was giving my mom tips on how to sew my petticoat dress that was going to look just like Laura Ingals... I spent hours that day looking at her sewing kit, fabric and also what seemed like hundreds of spools of thread. I arranged and re-arranged them in different rainbow shades and patterns for hours. For many years, and still to this day, I love the feel of my mom's soft hand smoothing out fabric and tissue papered patterns on my back...the smell of the iron smoothing out patterns on fabric and the sound of sharp, heavy scissors cutting out patterns and fabric...I have been lucky enough to sit and watch my mom do the same for my own daughter while arranging and re-arranging her fabulous thread collection.

    I am liking bright pinks, greens, oranges, yellows right now...

    I follow you in life and on Facebook.

  6. I just recently discovered a love for fabric. I received sewing machine for Christmas and it has gone a bit crazy. My favourite colour is red

  7. And I just "liked" your FB page :)

  8. Great idea, KLT!

    Count me out, of course. Can't wait to see what happens.

  9. sounds fun....
    I've loved fabric since I had this ace print dress, age 5... then when my mum taught me to sew I used to nick the sheets to make clothes (this was in the 80's and strangely our sheets were purple and orange omg!)
    I'll go like you on fb now xx

  10. ...oooh forgot....fave colour is green...mostly lime sorts of green (apart from clothes, then it's black black black)

  11. this is such a fun idea!!!

    i have always been obsessed with fabric! all the women around me growing up would sew. i can remember going through their scrap piles looking for the perfect pieces to make doll clothes and blankets. still to this day i can not bare to throw away a scrap!

    my favorite colors green/aqua and bright sunny yellow!

  12. I love fabric since I was 7 years old, when my parents used to take my sister and me to fabric decoration stores. My sis and I ran around between all these amazing fabrics while my parents chose & bought decorative fabrics for the house. When I did my first communion, my grandma made my dress all handmade! I was amazed by the fabrics she used and how it turned out to be a really piece of art. My fav colour is bright and full of light blue!

  13. Starting around 7 or 8 yrs I would hide behind the couch at 6:30pm and make my parents tell me when Vanna White came on the TV screen, then jump up with excitement to see her outfit. OK- maybe that's an indirect love of fabric, but still. I love yellowy/orangy!



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