Monday, May 9, 2011

{Music Monday} The Head and the Heart...

The Head and the Heart - Sounds Like Hallelujah from Whitney Moreno on Vimeo.

I alway enjoy making a new musical discovery & this weekend, I discovered the Seattle band, The Head and the Heart, for the first time. Both of these songs sort of stuck with me so I thought I would share. Happy Music Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  {image via}


  1. this is so good, thanks for the recommendation :)


    enjoyed your find.
    sending another find for you...

  3. So glad you guys like it! I was glad to have stumbled on it. Good studio music. Subpop produces their album & they also work with Fleet Foxes.
    Speaking of which, have you gotten the new Fleet Foxes @Louise?

    Thanks for the recommendations @Nance Marie! I really like Alison Krauss & will check out the Haints! :)



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