Sunday, August 14, 2011

{Fun Finds} little girls...

I've been spending a great deal of time on Etsy lately & got a bit distracted last night as I was uploading things into the shop. It was really hutch studio's sweet room & The Measure's adorable petticoat that got me started on this vintage inspired, girly treasury.  It was a much needed break to think about who the little girl would be, that would occupy a room like that-  in her sweet petticoat & boots. Hope you had a nice weekend!

You can view the "little girls" treasury live here


  1. this treasury is gorgeous and I too love that little petticoat (plus boots!!).

  2. What a pretty treasury! I think my K would definitely wear the petticoat but minus the boots. lol. Would flip flops be okay? It's sparkly. ; ) If you had a girl, is this a glimpse of what her room and style would be?? I love those teacups and mary-janes!



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