Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Vintage Love} childhood buddy...

I remember the Christmas that I got my Snoopy- I believe my brother & I got a synthesizer to share that year too- yep it was the '70's.  Snoopy was one of my favorite buddies for a long time. I had so many outfits for him & would dress him up & take him everywhere. I loved him so much, that I kept him for my someday child.... 

That someday child loves Snoopy too! Although Snoopy doesn't have his extensive wardrobe anymore (what did I do with all of those clothes?) Sayer loves him all the same. He knows that his friend is "fragile" and needs extra care (he's been mended a number of times) but still likes to take him to "see the world" as he puts it. We took Snoopy to the grocery store a few days ago & Sayer pushed him in the cart & chatted with him the whole time. It's been pretty darn heart warming to watch his affection for my sweet, childhood buddy grow. They even dance together! As a fan of the Velveteen Rabbit, I can only imagine how happy Snoopy is right now. 

Side note: The klt:works dog on the pictured tee is now considered Snoopy's brother.


  1. Velveteen Rabbit! <3 Snoopy<3... I KNOW!!! ME TOO!!! =)

  2. What a little groover. Your Snoopy and Someday child were clearly made for each other :)

  3. So sweet! Keira says, 'cute boy with lunettes (glasses)'. : ) My uncle used to buy me all kinds of Snoopiness.. and I loved buying Peanuts comic books too! What a way to pass on a timeless classic! Next up, Sayer as the Red Baron??

  4. Thanks Sharon! He is a total crack up! Did you have Snoopy in your house?
    @ Tea- I'm not surprised at all! :)
    @ Bron- Yep, he knows how to cut a rug! I think you're right... they really are quite a pair. :)

  5. Yeah, it's hard to love Snoopy, huh? :) Oh, I love the Red Baron idea!! Sayer would rock the pants out of it. I used to have the Red Baron outfit for Snoopy but have no idea where that might be. :)

  6. Kristin - I have a slightly larger snoopy from Christmas 1977 or 78! I was obsessed with Snoopy for years. Mine is much more beat-up than yours but you've inspired me to dig him out of the box upstairs and share him with the kids!

  7. adore this post! :) i still have my red baron outfit! and i think sayer has a halloween costume! how could would he be as the red baron!!!



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