Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Good Read} Anorak + Alain Gree = LOVE

What happens when a new & innovative children's magazine & press pairs up with a favorite children's book illustrator? Perfection, that's what. 

"PLOC Magazine is the happy mag for little ones (kiddos from 3yrs-8yrs old) that contains tons of games & coloring stories for budding readers - & published by the gorgeous Anorak Press & illustrated exclusively by Alain Gree. 

I've been a fan of Alain Gree's illustrations for awhile now & have even have found a few lovely vintage Gree books for Sayer over the years.  I just learned about the children's magazine, Anorak this summer & was delighted with the 2 issues that I purchased. You can imagine how excited I was to hear about PLOC!


It definitely passed the Sayer test. These were his favorite 4 features on first read. They couldn't be more perfect for his interests right now. While this is a UK publication, the world wide web allows all of us to partake in the fun. Definitely a favorite find & good read. Hope you are finding time to relax & curl up with a good magazine or book this weekend!

Visit Anorak here.
{new l/s rabbit tee here}


  1. PLOC looks like a cute mag. I'll have a look at that. Thanks! I do buy Anorak for the kids and put them in their Christmas stockings usually.

    I'm presently on the look-out for a batch of good books for them all for Christmas.

  2. I have yet to buy Anorak here. I wanted to get to a specialty book shop who stocks them here but.. never have the time to go! I love the illustrations too! These would be a great read for kiddo's english lessons at school. And hey, does the little monsieur have a haircut? Super cute! I also esp love his rabbit long sleeved tee!

  3. The illustrations look fabulous! Reminds me of my own illustrated children books (mostly created by Czech authors). Glad you found this + thanks for sharing K! :)

  4. @Carmel- Lucky kids you have! I just learned about Anorak- but love it. I think you will definitely like the PLOC. I've been finding all sorts of great books lately- but something tells me that you probably already know about them. :)
    @Chantale- I went straight to the website for these - bought them right before we went to Lake Chelan so I would have some vaca reading. :) I think Miss K would really like them. Their so smart & creative. Yep, S has a haircut. Thanks - glad you like the rabbit tees- I was excited about the white on grey.
    @Daria- Yeah, I thought you'd like these illustrations! :)



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