Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday wishes...

My mom just gave me this photo of myself at Christmas time, (circa1975) very close to Sayer's age & it makes me smile. What ever happened to Mrs. Claus & her cool Go-Go boots? You never see her these days. It's really not that hard to remember the feelings I had about Christmas as a child. It was magical. But if I do ever forget... Sayer's here to remind me. Having him around sure does make Christmas a whole lot more fun. The kid's excitement is infectious! We aren't going anywhere faraway, but I do hope to chill out, relax, & take in the festivities a bit- so it might be a bit quiet here on the klt:sketchbook in the next few days. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday full of peace, joy & some yummy cookies! 

Click Merry Christmas for a Theiss Family Dance... 


  1. Merry Christmas, KLT family!

    I'd love to see what Santa brings Sayer. I bet he gets some cool stuff.

    You were v. cute when you were little ... what a polite-looking little thing!

    And Mrs Claus! GRRR Foxy!!

  2. That is one awesome kickin' Mrs Clause there. lol! Do you ever look cute with that bow in your pixie hair! Love it. Merry Christmas you guys, hope you're able to relax and really enjoy the time off.. xo



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