Friday, September 2, 2011

{SALE} Back to School...

Sayer's packet of pre-school information just arrived today. It's full of his curriculum for the month, a homework project, the schedule for when he needs to bring a snack for his classmates, & the parent's handbook. Wow- it's all so official- where did the time go? I'm filled with all sorts of anxiety & excitement for this leap into the world of school. Thankfully he is really excited- we have taken bike rides by his school many times this summer along with peering into the windows & chatting about school time scenarios. In one of our snooping adventures, he spotted some fire hats & trucks in one of the windows so he's convinced he will love school.  

In celebration of Sayer & his first day of school & for kids everywhere who are going back to school, klt:works is having a sale! Just enter {KLTFALL11} at checkout at the klt:works etsy shop & receive 25% off anything until midnight Monday (PST). Hope everyone has a great long weekend & start to the new school year! 

{Fabric Friday} Sweet Nostalgia...

As you may know, I've been stashing away fabrics for quite awhile. Sometimes, I don't know why I'm drawn to a pattern but I feel a strong attachment to it & get a little bit to save for the right occasion. I decided to put together a few bundles of fabrics for hutch studio the other day that consisted mostly of vintage reprints but that are all really hard to find now. I think I started stashing most of these when I was thinking about being a mom someday.

These fabrics are sweet, nostalgic, & perfect for baby quilt or any other fun project for your child. There are 2 bundles available here. Happy Fabric Friday!  Do you have any fun & creative projects planned for the long weekend?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Vintage Love} childhood buddy...

I remember the Christmas that I got my Snoopy- I believe my brother & I got a synthesizer to share that year too- yep it was the '70's.  Snoopy was one of my favorite buddies for a long time. I had so many outfits for him & would dress him up & take him everywhere. I loved him so much, that I kept him for my someday child.... 

That someday child loves Snoopy too! Although Snoopy doesn't have his extensive wardrobe anymore (what did I do with all of those clothes?) Sayer loves him all the same. He knows that his friend is "fragile" and needs extra care (he's been mended a number of times) but still likes to take him to "see the world" as he puts it. We took Snoopy to the grocery store a few days ago & Sayer pushed him in the cart & chatted with him the whole time. It's been pretty darn heart warming to watch his affection for my sweet, childhood buddy grow. They even dance together! As a fan of the Velveteen Rabbit, I can only imagine how happy Snoopy is right now. 

Side note: The klt:works dog on the pictured tee is now considered Snoopy's brother.

Monday, August 29, 2011

{Music Monday} a taste of metals...

Feist has a new album coming out in October & little sneak peek videos have been released all summer as teasers for the anticipated, "Metals" album. These are three of my favorite snippets but you can see more at . I love the aesthetic of these videos how about you? Happy Music Monday


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