Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art & Ferry Rides...

A few years ago, Chris met a really interesting couple- they became regular visitors at hutch studio & fans of Chris' "fine art" as well as his fun creations for hutch. This couple recently opened up an art gallery called Simon Mace Gallery in a small, coastal town about 2 hours away- which includes a ferry ride. The Simon Mace Gallery now represents Chris' work & hosted an art opening this last weekend for a new show called, Tasting Menu: Second Course. This show included 4 of Chris' pieces along with featuring 5 additional Simon Mace artists. We were lucky enough to be able to sneak away for the day to attend the opening in person- while our kiddo enjoyed a sleep over with his grandparents. Admittedly, I turned into a shutterbug- wanting to capture Chris, his work, & the day. Here are some highlights... 

Chris had 2 of his ceramic/ sgraffito pieces & 2 of his gesso on paper pieces. From a distance, you couldn't really tell the difference between the medium used & all of them really engaged viewers. I loved being behind the camera & listening people's conversations & trying to capture their delight in the visual adventure Chris' interior spaces took them on. The gallery was hoppin' all day & into the evening- the town was also buzzing. There was a "first Saturday" art walk scheduled for the evening & you could tell people took the ferry over from Seattle just to participate. After we hung out at the gallery a bit in the afternoon, we had a chance to cruise the town before the opening. 

We lingered in an underground coffee shop & spent time in a very cool, used & out of print bookstore. I was in heaven... I really could've spent all day there. Oh, did I find some treasures... but that's a different post. 

Back to the Simon Mace Gallery - the flow of people was constant & the energy was infectious. It was a really fun end to a fantastic day. We then hopped on the ferry and headed home. I'd say it was a pretty great way to start the new year...


  1. You really can make us seem pretty cool with your words and camera.

  2. Loved to read about it, Kristin! I'm so glad it was successful and that you two had fun - Chris' art is great! Love all the photos too :)

  3. You guys are WAY too cool and Chris's works looks AMAZING! I am so proud...that seems like I am your parent's so I'll try to sound less lame...umm...happy for you? You two are great. xx



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