Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Coos & Ahhs} My 4yr old's digs...

Wow, I really can't believe February is here already! I can honestly say that January was a complete blur. However, January was very eventful - & one standout event was that my kiddo turned 4! Along with turning 4, Sayer's room got a little re-design. Those that know me & follow this blog will not be surprised by this- as I thoroughly enjoy playing around with the design & layout of his room. I've heavily documented the process of the transition from baby nursery to big boy room. I find it fun for so many reasons but the the main one is seeing his delight when he sees what we have done. I love his creativity & watching him play in his room is quite an inspiration.

So when Amanda, from one of my favorite blogs Coos & Ahhs, asked me to do a guest post for her about his room- I was flattered & up for the task! This was just a peek - pop on over to   her blog to view the whole post & more pictures... we would love to see you over there!


  1. the room looks simply adorable. i can't believe how wonderful it looks. my favourite piece is the wall calendar. i love it and am off to try and get one sent to Australia!!

  2. What a room! Where did you get that humungous calendar? There's so much to see and get inspired by in Sayer's room. It's a playroom, art room and bedroom all in one! It's really terrific Kristin.. : )

  3. @Bec - Thanks! I know, we all love the calendar here. I always know what day it is now!! :) I hope you can get one shipped to Australia....

    @Chantale - I actually got it from the design shop, Ideal. But the Museum of Modern Art carries them every year. http://www.stendigcalendar.com/Stendig_Calendar/Welcome.html
    Thanks! I love it in his room.... :)

  4. Love this room! Had to share: http://minipiccolini.com/2012/02/playful-big-kid-room/



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