Friday, February 24, 2012

{Inspiration} Mr. Sgraffito has tea...

Chris has been super busy in the studio lately. With lots of new shows on the horizon & the big ceramic conference, NCECA, being held in Seattle- his studio has been buzzing. I wanted to give you a glimpse of a few of the new pieces that he just finished.  Do you ever wonder how someone like Mr. Sgraffito (formerly Cardboard man) would make himself a spot of tea? I picture it being brewed in this "radio flyer teapot" & sipped thoughtfully from this "staged kitchen cup & saucer".

Chris uses his surroundings as inspiration for his imagery & the teapot imagery comes directly comes from Sayer's wagon, chalk, & playing cards near his chalkboard in the hallway. Sayer noticed that right away & is quite taken with this piece. The tea cup & saucer imagery is taken from the interior spaces of hutch studio. These both are ceramic & show off Chris' love of the sgraffito technique. These pieces were just dropped off at the Matzke Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Park for the upcoming show "Locally Grown: Thrown & Hand-Built Clay Show", opening on the 3rd of March. If you are local, you should drop by!

So, that's what is happening in the downstairs studio - when I'm in the upstairs studio... & Sayer is catching some ZZZZZs. 


  1. I'm just speechless. Wow. These pieces are incredible! That teapot is unbelievable and quite a collectible piece! Can't wait to see the pics of gallery night!

  2. LOVE!!!! What fun!! Thank you soOO much for sharing!!:)

  3. Splendid, splendid work! Just WOW!



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