Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Inspiration} LaLa love...

"Curiosity is the main driving force in my life. I’m like a four-year-old. I look at things, at the world, at life, and ask, 'Why?' Curiosity is satisfied by learning, so the more you learn, the more curious you get. I’m happy to know there is no end to that."  

"I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. It never occurred to me that other people didn’t do the same in their free time. "  

"Creativity and inspiration don’t come from idleness, but from continuous work." 

"I’m constantly inspired by the new things I learn, by everything I see, hear, and read, by new places I visit, by long discussions I have with my husband (who is an artist), and by the good work of my peers. Anything can make my brain tingle." 

Every now & then, I read or listen to an interview & I literally get goosebumps & wish  that I had a chance to meet that person being interviewed - convinced that we would become fast friends. This is definitely the case with the recent, "Featured Seller: Daria from La La Shoes", interview that was published on Etsy last Monday. However, this time when reading about this cool & "true blue" woman... I didn't wish that I knew her or wonder if we'd be friends. Instead, I beamed with happiness because I do know her & we are close friends. Daria is the real deal- funny, talented, hard working, & extremely intelligent. But what you may not know, is that she has the biggest heart in that tiny body of hers. She is the kindest & most supportive friend a person can have. I don't know about you, but it makes a difference to me if I like someone's work, what kind of a person they are. So much so, that I often don't want to meet someone if I love their art or design- because if they are a jerk, it will affect how I view their work. I want to assure you that in this case... it's all fantastic - the work & the person.
This is such an informative, inspiring, & honest interview- I just wanted to share. Click here to learn why I adore Daria & LaLa Shoes. 

Hope you are having a great weekend!

All images - Daria Ausenak


  1. She looks so cute. She does look like a good friend! I bet Daria loves you!

    PS Any baby wearing those leaf shoes would look straight outta pixie-land! CUUTE.

  2. Hi Carmel! I got to meet up with her last year in Vancouver, BC - She lives in Croatia so we don't get to hang out like I would like. :) She's pretty great- did you notice the tee she chose to wear for her interview?
    I got those little shoes for my new little nephew! My brother & sister in law just had their first baby 2 weeks ago. I can't wait to see the little guy in his new pixie shoes. :)

  3. That is such a sweet photo of the both of you! You both look terrific and seriously happy together. : ) I loved reading her interview on etsy and now here.. Really, it's a wonderful friendship you both have. I'm hoping one day, I'll be able to meet the both of you in real life too! Plus, how awesome is it she's wearing a KLT tee? She looks so cute!

  4. Hey Kristin! I'm speechless, and way too shy for all your wonderful compliments - but you know that your words made me happy as a squirrel and that meeting you last year was the best that happened!
    I'm going to quietly blush and enjoy again, and agin every word of yours :)
    Thank you ever so much!

  5. What ever happened to Daria and LaLa shoes?

    1. I honestly don't know. She did end up moving to Canada and started working for a creative company in which she wanted to stay anonymous. We lost touch for a bit- it almost seemed like she fell of the face of the earth. I did hear from her again after she moved- we kept in touch- she ordered from my Etsy Shop in 2014. She felt badly about falling out of communication. However, it wasn't long before she disappeared again. She's a really private & shy person. I think about her a lot and wonder how she's doing.



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