Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Update} Shop & Studio...

There has been an extra hustle & bustle in the klt:works studio these days. One of the tricks to being a one person business, is finding the time to make new things while filling orders. This is a balance that I have not perfected over the last 5 years- but I'm learning. So, I'm happy to say, there are a few new items in the shop now- a recycled rabbit & bulldog tote (both limited editions).  I've also been busy restocking new rabbit & bulldog plushies as well! 

Admittedly, what I've been just itching to make are dolls. I had this idea years ago actually- sketches & details sketched out even. These characters have been occupying my brain & kicking around my studio in finger puppet form for a long time. I fancied them being more to entertain myself & one of kinds- sort of a morphing of my "fine art" days with what I do now. While I was having some printing done for the previous products, I had some faces that I had dreamed up, printed on fabric- which was the first step. I've decided to break the monotony of the constant mobile making, by making dolls here & there in short intervals. 

Yesterday I was so excited to start & I made a doll prototype in the short time that my son was in pre-school. Yes, I did have mobiles to make - but it was a necessary creative break. I was tickled at the end product. I used my friend Daria as inspiration. I have 3 more screen printed faces to make dolls for & I can't wait. These will all be one of a kinds, made with up-cycled sweaters that I have been saving for this purpose. Stay tuned...  Hope everyone is having a great week! 


  1. how fabulous! especially love the the little shaped pillows!

  2. Kristin,
    can't wait to see the other dolls. Finger puppets are Julia's favorite toys. Fun!

  3. Oh we love the bunnies! K loves wearing her bunny long sleeve tee and sighting some real ones in the backyard. : ) Love the totes and especially that new doll! It really *does* look like Daria! Well the hair and cool clothes. hehe. Good for you to make some time for some art-makin'. So good for the mind and body! Looks great Kristin, really awesome.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!



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