Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{La Petite Magazine} Sayer's Book Corner #10

My little guy has music in his heart & marches to his own drummer. When I heard about the book Symphony City by Amy Martin - it piqued my curiosity. The book description reads, "Symphony City is an exciting adventure story for children and parents who love music, art, and big imagination." Yep, that is us in a nutshell! So I bought it for Sayer after he went to the symphony with his grandma.

Each beautiful page of the book takes us on an adventure by following the sound of music all throughout the city. Let's take a little peek...

Symphony City reminds us that there is music & color everywhere - which is a message that I absolute love. As a complete bonus, the book jacket unfolds to a poster of the image that Sayer is looking at in the photo above (it's his favorite in the book along with the drummer). This book is a perfect fit for story time in our house.

* Oh & on a fashion note:  
Along with loving music, Sayer really loves color too. Which is  why he likes to wear bright colors. His pants, tee, raincoat & socks are all from our favorite,  Polarn O. Pyret  (they have awesome sales - like right now).

Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading... 

You can view Sayer's Book Corner at La Petite Magazine as well. 

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  1. Oh man, amazing colours in these photos. I'd love to get Keira in some skinny minis in red pink and any other hues! If only she didn't hate pants so much. lol. The book is so fantastic. There should be a Kristin's Picks at bookstores across North America! Because I'm sure there are tons of parents out there like myself you just stand in book shops wondering what's good to read with our kiddos. I gotta search for this one!



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