Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Inspiration} balloons, a kitty, & a boy...

Last year I wrote a blog post about my love of the movie The Red Balloon. The post was written as a documentation of my first year blogging & the new banner my friend Chantale made for me using a Red Balloon inspired photo I took of Sayer on his birthday. The movie served as inspiration again for this recent photo shoot for the new klt:works kitty tee that I did with Sayer. Incidentally, the kitty on the tee is actually our kitty. I used a picture of her from when she was kitten (before Sayer was born) as reference- she was my first klt:works muse.

As always, things have been busy with lots of new products filling the shop - namely, lots of new kid's apparel. Sayer is finished with pre-school for the summer & coming up with fun activities is at the forefront of my mind. It's a total bonus that  I can put a new tee on him & head out on an adventure- with the camera in hand. It fits the philosophy & aesthetic of klt:works well to have real life snippets represented in the collection. Plus, (as I've mentioned before I know) I love taking photos of him. 

This was a fun Sunday for Sayer & I a few weeks ago. Our little downtown is nearly a ghost town on Sundays- 75% of it is closed. So after a trip to the party store, we headed downtown to explore. I always love the textures, colors & history in the alleys. I've gone through a handful of the doors we pass by over my lifetime. I grew up in this town. I left for college & graduate school - but then ended up back here. I've worked, watched movies, eaten at restaurants & shopped here for over 30 years. Weird to think really. Needless to say, I know it well & it's fun to see it through Sayer's eyes- better yet to document it. 

Thanks to all of you that stop by this blog now & then to read & see my thoughts. I really do appreciate it  & I'm constantly amazed at how many wonderful people that  I have met here. I look forward to another year of blogging!  Hope you are having a great weekend! 

** new blue kitty tee pictured : here 

Monday, June 18, 2012

{Music Monday} Paper Animation...

Nothing like some wonderful paper animation to get the week started (love this). Happy Music Monday! What are you listening to? 

photo credit: here

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

These two guys are peas in a pod. Being that I always seem to be the one with a camera in my hand, I have TONS of photos of the two of them. Here are some of my favorites that I took  during photo shoots for klt:works in the last year or so (except the second one that was taken right before Sayer's end of the year pre-school performance a few weeks ago). I love watching them together. Chris is a wonderful dad & you can just see the mutual adoration between the two of them. Oh, & yes - there are a tremendous amount of klt:tees in our laundry at all times - but we do own clothes that aren't klt:works too. 

But a father's day post really wouldn't be complete without a photo of me & my dad (yes, that is me - not Sayer). Not only is Sayer lucky in the father department, but so am I. My dad has always been there for me.

And now, he is best buddies with Sayer - which is also awesome to witness. So happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there! You are very much appreciated! 


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