Saturday, June 4, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} The Red Balloon

When we found out that we were having a little boy, one of my first purchases was the book, The Red Balloon. The movie had such an impact on me both emotionally & artistically that & all I could picture when I imagined what Sayer would be like, was the little boy in this story. For Sayer's third birthday this year, I took a bunch of pictures of him with a bundle of surprise birthday balloons that I had hidden for him in the studio. I was so tickled with that process & watching his sheer enjoyment. Those pictures are some of my favorites & inspired more balloon photos of myself for my 40th birthday a month later. 

To celebrate one year of having this blog, I wanted to create a new header. After a lot of thought, I decided to incorporate one of my favorite photos of Sayer with his balloons. To me, it says a lot about how I approach life, what is important to me, & what I'm drawn to aesthetically. It just seemed to fit. With some help from a sweet friend, this week I was finally able to see it all completed & it makes me smile. 

The Red Balloon started it all & continues to inspire me in so many ways. My official one year anniversary for this blog was actually March 23rd (I'm just a smidge late to recognize it). I wanted to make sure that I officially said thank you to everyone that has read this blog & left comments. I can't really tell you in words how much it means to me to have made the friends that I have made though the klt:sketchbook. Truly, this has been an amazing adventure & I can't wait to see (in pictures) how this next year unfolds. Thank you!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 


  1. What a surprise this morning reading your blog!!! I blogged about the book 'The Red Balloon' asking if anyone had memoriesof the book or movie... I'll be 48 this summer and the book (in finnish) has been in my family since my brother was little, he was born in 1957, and i loved it as a kid, but had very mixed feelings about it: It was sad and it wasn't sad, it was happy but it wasn't really happy... I loved it!
    So nice to know that out there somewhere another mother has feelings for 'The red Balloon' =)
    By the way, my youngest is the one of my kids who wants to read it and reread it... with mixed feelings, her too...

  2. You've only had your blog for 1 year? Wow! Congrats Kristin! I think you're a pretty special gal and I'm lucky to call you a friend. This blog might be a place where you share your inspirations and creativity but it's as much ours as yours: our place to learn and discover something new and exciting each time you post! Here's to another year!
    By the way, do you think this could be the inspiration to Sofia Coppola's Dior commercial she did? hm..



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