Monday, January 10, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} balloons & a boy...


Something about balloons make me smile. When you add this little boy to the mix, the smile turns into a belly laugh! 

Yep, Sayer's turning 3 tomorrow & what an amazing three years they have been. I think he is ready.... let the celebrating begin!


  1. great photos as always kristin!! happy (early) birthday to your sweet boy!

  2. So cute! Love these.. Happy Birthday Sayer! Looks like you're going to be having an awesome birthday Week! Singing our quebecer version of happy birthday to you: Cher Sayer, c'est à ton te laisser, parler d'amour! Cher Sayer, c'est à ton tour.. de te laisser, parler d'amour! hip hip? hoorah! hip hip? hoorah! Câlins et bisous à toi..

  3. so sweet! Happy 3rd Bday buddy. Ahhhhh, 3? Was mine ever that young? LOL

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday Sayer!

    I'm seeing some static-electric shenanigans!

    Love that stripy shirt!

  5. Yeah!!! Happy Birthday Sayer!!!
    I didn't realize that both our sons were the same age by a month and a half. :)

  6. Happy almost Birthday to Sayer!! Yay! I will be celebrating Kenzie's in about 3 months, and she will turning 3 too! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

    Rachelle xo

  7. @Nancy- Thanks! Coming from you that is a HUGE compliment. :) We had a blast taking photos.
    @Chantale- Thanks for the sweet song. :)
    @Sharon- Crazy how fast they grow isn't it?
    @Carmel- Oh yes... lots of static-electric shenanigans. :) I love that stripy tee too- it's one of my favorites on him.
    @Armelle- I didn't either- that is cool! They did seem to look about the same age. Too bad we don't live near each other.
    @Rachelle- I thought Kenzie's b-day was coming up. The picture from her last photo shoot was definitely an older Kenzie. :)
    Thanks for the wishes everyone!



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