Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Music Monday} Snowday...

This morning, after Sayer's pre-birthday slumber party with his aunt K & uncle B, we all woke up to a flurry of big, fluffy snowflakes & a beautiful blanket of white outside. Snow days like this aren't particularly common here in the northwest so it made the weekend even more magical for Sayer. 

When I watched the snow fall today, it made me think this holiday Starbuck's video that used the  Matt  Pond PA song, Snow Day. I love the concept of this video & it seemed fitting to play it again. Not to mention, it's always nice to start a Monday morning with some Starbuck's coffee.  Happy Music Monday! (Thanks to our favorite Montreal friends, for the yellow hat!)


  1. A snowflake-eating tree!

    Happy birthday, big guy!

  2. That snow looks like a whole lot of fun Kristin!

  3. That is quite the winter wonderland! More so than even here in the East! So glad Sayer had a wonderful weekend and thanks to Mother Nature, it was even more magical.. the hat looks great on him! Love it with the blue of his jacket. : ) Happy Monday!

  4. @Carmel- I know, the trees were so pretty! Snowflake eating for sure...
    @Kellie- It was really fun! :)
    @Chantale- It was a crazy wonderland (picture is from our front yard). It was almost all gone by this morning. The hat is perfect. :)



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