Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Fun} the big four- zero...

Today was a good day. I turned 40 & it wasn't that bad. Actually... I liked it. I feel like I sort of earned it really. It feels good to know who I am & to have learned a thing or two along those bumpy roads to here.   

One of the things that my birthdays continuously remind me of (other than the reality of gravity), is that  I have some truly wonderful people in my life. - Remarkable people who make me feel so lucky & brighten my every day. I find that I'm surrounded by friends who always go out of their way to make me feel special & I'm genuinely touched. On a day like today, I want to give something back- something simple & sweet for those that I care about.... 

Mini Cheese Cakes
24 Vanilla Wafers                                             
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
2/3 Cup Sugar                                                   
3 large eggs                                                      
3 - 8oz. Philly Cream Cheese (Original)
Large can Cherry Pie Filling
1/2 tsp. Almond Extract

* Line muffin tins with cupcake liners.  Place one vanilla wafer in each.
* Beat sugar, eggs & cream cheese for 5 minutes until smooth.  Add vanilla.
* Divide into muffin cups & bake at 325 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Will crack and brown slightly.
* Cool and chill overnight.
* Mix almond extract into Cherry Pie Filling to cover "tiny" taste.  
Put 3-5 cherries on each serving. Can be eaten with fingers or spoon.  
Makes 24-28 cheese cakes.

I'm telling you - this is goooooood cheesecake. I've requested this cheesecake for my birthdays since the days of braces, rollerskating, & slumber parties. Tonight, was no exception. We introduced Sayer to the wonders of these little gems & tomorrow (as tradition dictates) they will be my breakfast. This secret weakness of mine lies in your hands now... enjoy!  Thank you for your friendship- it means the world to me (& it's not just the wine & cheesecake talkin')...


  1. Have a very Happy Birthday, welcome to the 40s!!
    I've been here a couple of years now and the neighbours are just lovely :)

  2. Happy 40th!

    I'll write down that recipe.

    You're so purty!

  3. Oh my! Birthday girl in her awesomely gorgeous new coat and scarf! You look terrific Kristin, 40 suits you well. In fact, 40's got nothin' on ya. Have a sweet and wonderful birthday weekend. As much as you appreciate us, we appreciate you even more. I could go on and on about what a great person you are, but I'd probably just embarrass you. lol. Have a great one! Wish I were there to take you out for dinner. : )

  4. Happy Birthday wonderful girl! You look smashing! And 40 kicks ass!!!

  5. happy birthday! you make 40 look fantastic :) glad to hear you had a wonderful celebration, and i will definitely be checking out that cheesecake recipe. yum!

  6. You look AMAZING!! Seriously you make 40 look very desirable to this 28 year old...does that sound annoying? Because I meant it in a really really complimentary way.

    Happy happy day and what a glorious way to celebrate.

  7. Happy Birthday Kristin! You look amazing for 40! Hope you get so spoiled this week! Lots of love to you!

    Rachelle xo

  8. Thanks for all of your REALLY SWEET notes! Really, you all made me smile.

    @louise35flower - Thx- My husband has been living in that neighborhood for a little while & he likes the neighbors too. :)
    @carmel- Yes, try it out- they're yummy! I think your kiddos will like 'em too. :) You're really nice to say that. So did you get a new lipstick for this weekend?
    @Chantale- Thanks C! Yep- I'm wearing my Vintage Etsy birthday outfit. Who needs to know that I keep needing to have the seems sewn up. ;)
    @Dottie- Hey thanks lady! Now I'm in the cool group, right? :)
    @lesley- Thanks! Yeah, let me know if you try them. :)
    @Tiffany- You crack me up! Glad my smoke & mirrors worked on you. :) Not annoying at all- more funny. A celebration can't go wrong with colorful balloons & lots of yellow. :)
    @kenziepoo- Thanks Rachelle! Had a great weekend.... :)

  9. hi kristin!!! i didn't get to say happy birthday over here!! can't wait to hear all about the fun adventures you had over the weekend!!!
    happy birthday!!!!



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