Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Good Read} Uppercase Love #8....

I'm a firm believer that a child is never too young to appreciate good design. Of course, nice books & magazines fall into that category. My UPPERCASE magazine #8 came a little over a week ago & I've been just itchin' to sit down and read it cover to cover. But, as things go around here, I haven't had a lot of time to really savor it's brilliance. That's when I decided that it was time to introduce Sayer to my favorite magazine. 

This kid is definitely is a chip off the ol' block. He knows a stellar publication when he sees it. He even gravitated towards the same pages that I did. I think deep down he was just as  inspired too. 

The first thing I notice when I opened the magazine, is the picture of my bike that I took for one of my UPPERCASE love posts! I have to say, it sort of made my day. But that was just the beginning of my delight. Again, this magazine is always so timely- everything is just what I'm interested in right now. Here is a glimpse of the first 4 articles that I had a chance to read and truly enjoyed.
1. {Fine Print} Children's books: beautiful books enjoyed by those big & small. by Frances Atikinson- pg14-15 
2. {Sketchbook} Ed Emberley's sketchbook by Mignon Khargie page 58-62 - I actually remember vividly trying to learn to draw from the "Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals" when I was a kid. I may even have my old book in a box somewhere.
3. {Beginnings} How successful creatives got their start ~ Poketo by Erin Loechner page 12-13 - I found this article so inspiring & helpful.
4. {Field Trip} The Dollhouse: Artist Heather Benning creates an installation that toys with scale and memory. pg 86-89 

I have a lot more of the new UPPERCASE to explore, but I  can confidently say that both Sayer & I are intrigued & looking forward to discovering what is on the next page...
Do you have a favorite magazine that you love to share?


  1. I've sort of heard/read (probably from you) about this magazine. I wonder if we'd get it in Australia ... do you think I'd like it? It does look cool. How often does it come out?

    Cute bike pic too, and I dig your denim jacket. So timeless. I remember I always wanted a denim jacket lined with Liberty fabric ... possibly you could line yours with vintage Marimekko?

  2. Having read this post I have been totally lost in the Uppercase website for the last half hour! what a fantastic magazine, I will look out for it on our international bookshelves!
    Perfect reading for a little one too! start them young I say :)

  3. Aw.. so sweet photos of you and Sayer. I love the last one. Congrats on your photo being in there, I love that photo too. The magazine looks chock full of amazing reads, from cover to cover! Wow. I gotta find me one. Have a terrific Wednesday friends!



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