Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Music Monday} Oh there will be snacks...

Music makes my world go 'round, there is no question about it. Music is an essential ingredient in my art making, studio time, and living. I view it a bit like food. It keeps me full and ready to participate in the day. I learned a long time ago that I can actually manipulate my palette and imagery (particularly relevant to my painting) by what I listen too. When I teach, I have painting assignments geared towards linking creativity to music. I also took lots of dance classes from the time I was a wee tot until late high school. All of my senses are somewhat fused. I am just wired to respond to music. If you were a bug on my studio wall, you would see me working, humming, and randomly getting up to do a little dance. And watching my 2 year old, it is very apparent that he has music in his heart too. 

With that said, I get serious chills when I hear certain songs. I have the ability to become both physically and emotionally moved. Every now and then, I stumble upon a something that triggers both my visual and audio responses. The song, "Lull" by Andrew Bird  played to the animation of Lisa Barcy makes me swoon. I love everything about it. Additionally, the video animation is part of Barcy's existing film called, Mermaid. The two worked together in the video for "anonanimal" as well.

Andrew Bird is one of my favorite studio mates. His music really gets my creative juices flowing. I found this video of him performing for Pitchfork TV's  Cemetery Gates in June 2009. It stopped me in dead in my tracks and I absolutely had to share it...

The last Andrew Bird video is,  "The Fitz and the Dizzyspells" with special appearance by Mucca Pazza, directed by Digitelio. This may appeal to my former HS marching band days (among other things).  Happy Music Monday!

Andrew Bird | MySpace Music Videos


  1. Ah Andrew Bird. He's so good. And, let's face it (we’re not teenagers anymore, but what the hell), so handsome in his gentleman-farmer way! He wears rubber boots like no one else.

  2. I know the man makes the hair on my neck stand up (when he plays music of course). Anyone that has such wonderful socks, wears rubber boots, and whistles is ok in my book!



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