Monday, April 19, 2010

{Music Monday} Spectacular Collaborations...

I finally had a chance to read through my issue #2 of, It's Nice That, the other night & I stumbled on an interview with photographer, Peter Funch. It gave me a chance to re-visit a video that I have always really enjoyed & it happened to work quite nicely for this Music Monday post. As you have probably picked up already, I absolutely love making artistic connections and this is another good one! It is all about color & music that makes you feel good today.

Peter Funch worked with Sony Bravia to create an advertising video that used colorful, bouncing balls throughout the streets of San Francisco. The music featured, was "heartbeats" by another klt:studio fav, Jose Gonzalez.  This collaborative video is an amazing fit ! It gives me chills everytime I watch it.

Admittedly, it is the Sony Bravia video that introduced me to Jose Gonzalez's music back in 2006 and ever since then, it has been a studio staple. "The Nest" & "Sensing Owls" are two of my favorite songs that seem to get a lot of air time while I work. I am a believer that music can affect imagery. I tend to listen to songs about birds particularly when I am drawing them in thread. {And a side note: Jose Gonzalez radio on Pandora is excellent too!}

Bouncing back to the balls, I was able to find the making of the Sony Bravia video to share with those of you that enjoy process like I do. I find innovative thinkers so inspiring, don't you? So, happy Music Monday! Hope these videos helped "put you in a nice place". What is your favorite music/video collaboration?


  1. Fabric Friday and Music Monday, love it! Thanks so much for helping us "put ourselves in a nice place".

    One of my favorite artistic videos to watch is not really a collaboration, more a genius at work. Although not the official video, this stop motion by Ross Ching to the song called Little Bribes by Death Cab for Cutie is so fun and inspiring and can't help but make you tap your feet to the beat. It's really a work of art.

  2. Oh! I love this! Am ordering the CD right off the bat, and am showing my classes tomorrow.

    My current favorite art music collaboration is one my that my students are working on this week. They are creating a stop-motion animation video to represent Brett Dennen's song "Blessed." Today I watched them work as a group better than they ever have before. We'll see what are comes from it, but the beauty of youth is shining through :)

  3. Incredible! We like the same music! :)
    We went to Paris a 1,5 ago to attend his concert (and never got the tickets! :) So we spent 3 days wondering around and enjoying winter in Paris :)
    Oh, and I like the video - I remember the first time I saw it, at the advertising agency - we couldn't believe how great it was!

  4. I discovered this blog today and thought of your post here. Another artistic connection for you...

  5. Wow, thanks everyone!
    Michelle, that is an awesome video!
    Barb, I love your project for class. Looking forward to hearing more about it.
    Daria, not surprised that we like the same music. How cool to wonder & enjoy Paris!
    Moira, thanks so much for passing on that great connection!

  6. I love that commercial too. I don't know if you knew this about me, but I'm a creative at an ad agency. One of my favorite projects was something we did for Frito Lay....we worked with 5 different animators to create little :30 second stories and then got to hand pick 5 up and coming musicians for the music. It was so fun to select the tunes and amazing to see how altering the music from one track to another (as we played around with diff songs) completely changed the mood of the story!
    You can see 'em here:




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