Thursday, September 2, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} vintage children's books...

I seem to be cruising through nostalgia row lately. If I am not on looking online for vintage Fisher Price toys, then I am on the search for cool vintage fabrics. I'm completely in touch with the things that I enjoyed as a child and finding that I am pulling heavily from my childhood memories for color & imagery inspirations. I have been collecting children's books for years- Sayer has a lot that he hasn't even seen yet. But lately, I have been drawn to vintage children's books that I may not have picked up before I knew Sayer. 

These are all fairly new to our library (except the Little Engine That Could which was mine or my brother's) and definitely chosen with Sayer's interests in mind. Sayer has been really interested in the Statue of Liberty. He wants his hair to look like the spikes and he would like to visit her nose. I found the Statue of Liberty book locally a few weeks ago and it has been a favorite at story time (but oh, so boring). I have learned all sorts of things about the statue but admittedly spice it up  a bit when I am reading it. The book Les Trains & Les Avions books came from monsieur minouchet and for now we are just looking at the pictures (until we learn French). This last one, Floating and Sinking, was just found at Frecklewonder.

The colors are beautiful- blues and greens with little shots of ochre yellow and red. I absolutely LOVE the illustrations in the Floating and Sinking book. This is definitely a palette that not only is seen a lot in my fabric stacks, but apparently my books stacks as well. Book stores are my most frequented and favorite places for collecting inspirational data, without a question. Where do you look  to find interesting color combinations?


  1. you know i'm a vintage kid's book nut, right?? i love the alain gree books. that sinking and floating one is really cool!!


  2. I love these older books, it reminds me of idling my way through all the books in the bin at Salvation Army.. My dad used to take us there for used books and sporting gear (mostly skates). I especially love children's books with illustrations dating from the 50's and 60's. I used to just oggle at the dresses and hair and wonder why my clothes were so fly and theirs so pretty. lol! Come here to learn french! Monsieur Sayer would pick it up in a heartbeat! Viens mes amies...

  3. I'm incredibly attracted to the first illustration - the use of colours is amazing!

    I just realized I wrote almost the same sentence as Chantale on your FB:
    "I especially love children's books with illustrations dating from the 50's and 60's"

    Something Berberian&Dupuy picked up fantastically!

  4. I love floating & sinking, and Alain Grée of course. The Rain & Hail one is lovely in the Lets Read and Find Out series. too. I have lots of these gorgeous books from the 50/60s. Watch out for my new online shop selling a mix of vintage and modern for kids, coming soon.

  5. Nice to have fellow book loving folks out there in cyber land. I didn't know you were a vintage kid's book nut Alix, but I am not surprised. Would love to check our your stash someday! Yep these latest finds have been good ones to add to the collection. The sinking and floating was definitely a lucky score. I fell in love with the illustrations and palette. Yes, we will go visit you Chantale, for our French lesson. & yes, you and Chantale need to know each other I think Daria! I am attracted to the same - '50's & '60's illustrations. Thanks for your comments everyone. :)

  6. Oh, and I look forward to checking out your new online shop! (Kickcan & Conkers)



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