Tuesday, October 26, 2010

{cool things } for kiddo ...

There is a gem of a little shop that I want to share with you - that chances are, you have already  heard of. It is called The Pajama Squid and I have been virtually cruising through it again lately. Tiffany is the owner of this cleverly curated shop and I have had the joy of getting to know her over the last year. She throws herself into everything she sets out to do and you can see that in The Pajama Squid. Her products are selected with love and respect - I know this first hand because she carries a few klt:works owl plushies. Tiffany eloquently posted on her blog yesterday that she is moving on to a new and exciting adventure. What does that mean? Well, currently many things are on sale right now & will continue to go on sale until her little shop is empty. The Pajama Squid is filled with cool items along with a great selection of books, I might add. You should definitely go check it out! Here are 6 of my favorite things in her shop.

Floating Ducks - Sayer has this "mommy & baby duck" & it's a favorite bathtub toy.
Geemo - I have my eye on this... 
Ollie Owl Plush  - Ok, so I had to include the owls that I make.... *smile*
This is New York - I love these books! We have this one, Paris, London, & San Francisco. -Great illustrations...
Fireman Wooden Bowling Set - I have been eying this set ever since I was pregnant. -Wonderful!
Black Bruno Racing Car - And these are pretty fantastic too. I hope to get one for Sayer for his third birthday coming up.

It wasn't easy for me to narrow it down to six, let me tell ya. While it's sad to hear that The Pajama Squid will be closing, I can't wait to see what Tiffany has up her sleeve. I'm sure it will be spectacular (& delicious)! This gal is one to watch. In the meantime, I will enjoy her shop for as long as I can, along with her beautiful new blog.


  1. Oh, this is sad but happy too. It's hard to follow your dreams when you have to pay the bills too so kudos to all of you, like you! doing what you do and loving every moment of it through sweat, tears, fatigue, heartaches, panic attacks and happiness.
    p.s. I love that you added the klt owl too. hehe!

  2. Love the racing car. Sure my boy would love it too.

  3. Love it. Off to have a good browse through the Pajama Squid now...

  4. Thanks for showing. I have visited that shop before, but forgot about it for some reason. Sayer is a lucky lad to have a mother with such wonderful taste!



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