Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Real Life} big boy room

We've been gradually transitioning Sayer's room from a nursery to a little boys rooms for a little while now. One of the issues that has come up in the last few months is that he has become scared of the dark & nighttime- causing him to not want to fall asleep. While we have tried all sorts of things, changing his room around has been a part of the problem solving. Sayer told us that he was afraid of his curtains- they were a large abstract shapes and he saw monsters in them. Honestly, I liked them because of being able to see things in them so it never dawned on me that it would freak him out (that was  pre-mom thinking). So now, all of his curtains are turned inside out & we have different fabric swatches draped on all of the windows to see what will work. 

Funny thing though, on Saturday, I got an order of vintage fabric from the Netherlands in the mail. One of the pieces was an old funky curtain- ready to hang (which was a surprise- a nice one). Sayer always likes to see the fabric I get in the mail & when I said it was a curtain, he told me to hang it in his room right away. It's pretty amazing, but it fits the window dimensions perfectly. He announced that he loves it & that it's not scary in his room anymore. However, we have 2 more windows in his room that need new curtains. 

I had actually taken Sayer with me to the fabric store recently & told him to let me know if he saw something he liked for curtains. He yelled out excitedly, "I LOVE  BUTTERFLIES & FIRETRUCKS!" when he saw this fabric... 

Which is not really the aesthetic I was after for his room. But he loved it - so I got him a fat quarter & we have it draped on one of other windows. I think I've diverted his attention from it being a curtain by suggesting that I would make him a butterfly slug with the fabric.  
Meanwhile, I have to say, since the funky curtain has been in his room, the going to bed issue has been a lot better. Coincidence? Maybe, but for now my klt:plushies will have to wait- we are keeping the funky floral fabric on his window until our luck runs out (& we find new fabric for all 3 of the windows). I do love the floral in there though- particularly with the vintage Marimekko comforter. The big boy room transition is a lot of fun- we still have some projects up our sleeve. But so far it's been really rewarding watching Sayer play & enjoy his space. What do you remember about your kiddo's nursery morphing into a big boy/girl room? 


  1. this is terrific and his room is just as adorable now as it was then!!

  2. Aw man, he has one amazing bedroom! Love the curtains and his new bedspread. Seriously, does the dude even know his room is awesome?? lol. His room looks like it's been styled for us to go shopping in.. So, I'll have one Rody, the funky table lamp and ooh, I'll just browse through his fab book collection.. : )

  3. how cool is it that it fits! you know my nephew had the same issue with sleeping and as soon as my sister put curtains on his window he slept!

  4. wow, loved how the big boy room turned out! it just seems so cheerful!

    found you through chantale p. love her she's a sweetie! hope to drop by more often.


  5. How is it that everything you post touches me in some unexpectedly magical way?

  6. Sayer's room is absolutely adorable! Love the curtains!

  7. I love his room! What kind of camera is that?

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments!
    @Alix- Glad you like it! Don't worry, the dollhouse is on the other side of the room. :)
    @Chantale- Thx! Funny- most of the new stuff added is vintage- the little turquoise lamp has a mate & they were Chris' from before we met. :)
    @Heather- I know, crazy that it fit so perfectly! Meant to be I suppose. Yeah, he really loves it- cross your fingers it works. :)
    @Alely- Thanks- I think it's cheerful too. :) So glad you found me- Chantale is a sweetie for sure! Thanks for popping on over...
    @Brynne- Ah... I'm so glad. Probably because we are peas in a pod. :)
    @kellie- Thanks! Yeah, the curtain is a keeper....
    @Coolkids- Thanks! It's a vintage Fisher Price camera- early '70's....

  9. Love all these colors! This is such a cute room. :)

  10. What is the name of the toy your son is playing with in the last picture? I love it! I found your site while browsing for ideas for my twins shared big girl and big boy room.


    1. Hi Adrianne,
      It's a Playmobil Firehouse that he is playing with. http://store.playmobilusa.com



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